Who are you if you are not someone grieving the loss of a loved one?

In this episode, Eliana Moon shares her story. She lost her husband in January of 2016. At the time, Eliana was nine months pregnant; they were getting ready to welcome their second baby boy. Her husband went to work just like any other day; he stayed overtime and died on the job. Eliana remembers every moment of that day. She didn’t open her eyes when he left for work; he told her not to go to therapy that day because of the rain, and they FaceTimed one hour before he passed.

The moment Eliana found out about his passing, she screamed. The energy of her pregnancy held her up steady. The police were trying to keep her away from getting to her husband. However, Eliana and her husband shared their locations with each other. She went to his location but realized because of her pregnancy that she shouldn’t go and see his body. Eight days after her husband’s passing, Eliana gave birth. When her son was born, she had a room full of thirteen women she grew up with.

During his funeral, Eliana thought to herself she could either be upset he was taken from her, or she could be grateful. Of course, Eliana chose to be grateful; she is thankful for the love that he gave her and grateful for her two children. Eliana reveals her experiences going through the Grand Canyon, how she still connects with her husband and describes where she sees her life going.

In This Episode:

  • About Eliana Moon [ 2:40 ]
  • How Eliana lost her husband [ 7:55 ]
  • Eight days after his passing, Eliana gave birth [ 19:00 ]
  • Choosing to be grateful rather than upset [ 23:30 ]
  • The 100 white roses story [ 25:40 ]
  • Eliana’s husband continues to blow her away after his passing [ 28:00 ]
  • How grief has affected their children [ 31:00 ]
  • Eliana’s experience going through the Grand Canyon [ 38:15 ]
  • How Eliana still connects with her husband [ 50:00 ]
  • Where Eliana sees her life going [ 54:45 ]
  • Advice for people who are experiencing grief [ 56:00 ]


  • “I still am the same person, just a teammate down.”
  • “You can either be upset that he was taken from you, or you can be grateful.”
  • “He taught us to live our lives, not with our eyes, but with all our other senses.”
  • “I knew I wasn’t tapping into my feelings the way I needed to.”
  • “I want my kids to remember me as a mom being present, at peace, and grateful.”

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