Do you have something tangible that anchors you?

Jenna is a Healer, and Breathwork Meditation Coach supporting people in discerning what they want to do, create, or change in their lives through Breathwork, Meditation & Intuitive Coaching.

Jenna teaches private, corporate, groups, and conferences working with people to break free from old patterns and habitual ways of being, and connect with their authentic selves again. She believes everyone deserves to be their most authentic self, to be the best version they can possibly be, all day every day.

In this episode, Jenna explains the most significant advice she tells her clients – you have to be willing. Anger can take over our bodies to the point where we can’t eat or do daily functions. What is beneath our rage? Typically sadness.

We can always better the relationships in our lives. It is a daily practice of becoming the best person we can. Then, Jenna explains the magic of life and the awe of continual healing – it’s raw, and it’s real.

Stay tuned to hear Jenna reveal how Breathwork Meditation works and all the ways in which it can serve us.

In This Episode:

  • About Jenna Reiss [ 5:00 ]
  • Jenna describes her journey [ 8:50 ]
  • What is beneath our anger? [ 14:45 ]
  • Allowing ourselves to be supported [ 17:45 ]
  • Working on ourselves every single day [ 25:30 ]
  • Seeing the magic in life [ 31:30 ]
  • Giving support in our relationships [ 40:15 ]
  • About Breathwork Meditation [ 46:55 ]
  • Why we don’t listen to ourselves [ 53:40 ]
  • Finding the right teacher [ 64:40 ]
  • No meditation experience required [ 68:00 ]


  • “We’re not meant to do this alone.”
  • “I got to the top of the mountain, and I started crying.”
  • “Breathwork aims to move energy in our body.”
  • “Breathwork is a healing experience that will give each individual what they need.”
  • “Your body is going to give you what you need.”

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