Some days we simply need reminders in life.

If it’s a reminder to slow down. To breathe. To love ourselves a bit more.

Or … to forgive.

For this reason, I chose to get a tattoo of the word “forgive,” written in my moms handwriting, for my 47th birthday. I placed the tattoo on the outside of my left wrist as a reminder for not only me, but for the world … to forgive.

My son said it best, “Sitting across a table from you (+ seeing your wrist) will make others think.”

Yes, child, that is my hope.

As I wrote in my book:

Practicing forgiveness is required to heal. You cannot fully experience a new way of living without letting go of what doesn’t serve you well today. It’s a road less traveled, this “unbecoming to become,” and one I pray will become more utilized in this world.

So how do you begin? It starts with looking in the mirror.

My mom taught me a lot within my forgiveness journey. And I’d like to think I’ve taught her a lot, too. We had our fair share of discussions + moments of laughter throughout my divorce + healing. I called her in the middle of the night crying. She held space when I was angry, spewing words of “not knowing what to do.” She told me her thoughts + opinions, and I pushed back when I didn’t like what I heard—even when I knew she was right. We had deep, deep conversations about life. She’s been there for me every step of the way.

My mom was-and still is-my mirror.

Years later, she watched + listened over FaceTime while I rehearsed my TEDx talk on forgiving … over + over again. This prompted us to share our own thoughts about the forgiveness process. Needless to say, we’ve both had times in our lives when forgiving was hard. And, when it seemed not so hard. I’ve found it fascinating to hear + learn from my mom’s way of viewing life, and how to heal.

It makes sense that I’d want a piece of her in my tattoo.

At first, dad wasn’t so happy about my tattoo idea. To be honest, I’m not so sure mom was, either. But when I asked her to please send me the word forgive written in her handwriting, she said, “I know you. And you will get the tattoo whether I send this to you or not. So I may as well!” I responded, “You are correct. And it wouldn’t be nearly as meaningful if not in your script.”

As I laid down on the table + had the tattoo put on my wrist, I thought about how grateful I am for my life. I love my family + friends. I have three amazing kids. So many life lessons have been handed to me … and continue to be. And every moment-whether difficult or not-continues to lead me to another adventurous way of living.

I love my beautiful tattoo, as does my mom + dad. And I hope you do, too.

Use it as a reminder to live your life with truth, inspiration, + hope. Choose to surround yourself with people + things that hold meaning. Don’t settle for “less than.” And always be true to you.

Remember, forgiving always leads us back to unconditional love of self … which is the foundation of a happy life.

And isn’t that what we are all striving for?

I believe so.

Go back to this sentence: You cannot fully experience a new way of living without letting go of what doesn’t serve you well today.

Now ask yourself, “What are you willing + ready to let go of … in order to welcome in?” This is something for you to consider + journal about. Write out your thoughts + feel free to share with me. Or keep them to yourself + know that you are taking steps to get there.

I love you.




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