We all have secrets. Some can be hurtful, and some cause zero harm.

So how do we distinguish if we should share our secrets or not? If holding onto a secret is “holding back the real me”, it may be time to stand in your truth.

 When you are holding onto deep seeded secrets-the ones that don’t allow you to live as your authentic self-you are holding onto pain. When one deep secret is pushed aside, another will eventually take it’s place, creating a pain pattern. These secrets manifest themselves into an array of unhealthy patterns which repeat themselves over and over-they can affect not only your life, but generations to come. 

Speaking Your Truth will replace your pain with love, honesty, integrity and empowerment. No longer standing in a shadow of secrets, your voice creates opportunity for learning, growth and the gift of writing your future in a new, healthy way.

Below are my own Five Tips for Speaking Your Truth:

  1. Feed your truth, not your secret. Your truth holds as much power as your secret. Allow your truth to be honored and to be of service for not only yourself, but others.
  2. Stand in your Inner Strength. Everyone has a powerful inner strength full of courage. Tap into that powerful self when speaking your truth. Trust me, your powerful self will grow once you release that which no longer serves you.
  3. Find support when sharing your truth. You are not alone. Seek out those who will have your back and ask for their support. If they are not willing to be there for you, find someone else that will. Don’t look back at those who won’t support you-keep your focus and know that those who need to show up for you, will.
  4. Lean into your Fear. Opposite Fear is Faith. What lies behind that fear is something far greater than the fear itself. Remember and hold onto that.
  5. Grant yourself permission. I held onto secrets for years because I was afraid of how others would respond. Will they be mad? What if they don’t understand? What if they don’t believe me? Why we have been taught to seek permission from others before ourselves, I will never understand. You are what is important. So tell yourself, “It’s ok to live my own authentic life.”

Remember: The Truth Will Set You Free

 Your voice is a gift. Use it however you see fit. You never know who you are inspiring or helping when doing so.