Living Boldly is uncovering your TRUE self. Breaking down barriers, smashing through obstacles and living life like no
one is watching!

Through a highly-personalized coaching experience, Sara guides you to find or rediscover your values, inner strength, and life purpose. Combining coaching with hiking propels your mind and body into a new and adventurous environment, empowering your spirit to take flight.


I’m here to guide + walk beside you every step of the way! Through Transformational Grand Canyon Retreats, coaching + hiking programs, online programs or individual 1:1 coaching, please complete the form and let’s schedule a call to meet your needs. You are not alone …



Sara Schulting-Kranz - Live Boldly CoachingI am an Adventurer at Heart.

I am a woman who believes in Truth, Inspiration and Hope in Life.

I believe that we all have the Power within to become our Best Self and Live Life Boldly. 

“You can embrace, love and honor all sides of yourself.”

I was raised in a small, one stop light town in the Midwest. Education is a value I hold in high esteem; I attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Art Education. Though I have taught in both Missouri and Wisconsin, my home has become California, surrounded by the ocean and mountains where I feel the most peace.

After arriving in our beach side town, I gave up my career as an art teacher, put on my flip flops (which I wear all of the time) and threw myself into motherhood. I brought my small town values and sense of community to the beach side city we live in.

People often ask what prompted me to become a Professional Life and Leadership Coach and Wilderness Guide.

The catalyst in doing so was surviving the devastating news that my best friend and husband of 17-years, the person I loved and adored, was keeping secrets that betrayed me, himself, our family and the community. When this man I trusted all these years revealed to me that he was gay and holding secrets of multiple addictions, the news slammed me to the floor and made me question everything in my life. Could I survive the pain and find forgiveness? What would I like my future to look like? How would I make a new life when I felt so broken? Is it possible to still be friends with your ex? And in the end, do I really care what people think when I’m doing what’s best for my kids and family?

As if hearing and living this trauma wasn’t enough, my husband’s disclosure triggered the resurgence of trauma I had also suffered from a rape and subsequent birth of my first child at age 17. The pain was overwhelming, yet I lived daily by what my parents taught me when I was 17 years old: Place one foot in front of the other. Keep walking from a place of Integrity. You will get through this. Intuitively, I realized that I needed to move my body to combat the pain, maintain my sanity and find clarity in my life.

I dealt with this life shifting blow as I have always done. I put on my running shoes and ran for my life.

I climbed mountains and paddled the ocean to discharge the fear and anger that coursed through my veins. Nearly four years later, the healing work I did created a shift; I felt a sense of being grounded. I felt safety, clarity, and forgiveness. My own self-help foundation of strength, empowerment, healing and transformation began while moving in nature. It was time to help others do the same.

At the core of who I am lies a teacher.

I would rather share my knowledge of growth and healing for the betterment of others than anything else in the world. I realized that physically moving to discharge my pain and trauma, combined with my love of teaching, was the map I would use to guide others in a similar fashion. Upon attaining my Wilderness First Responder certification and coaching credentials, I officially began coaching others on their own journey of self-discovery.

As a motivational speaker, teacher and writer, I feel blessed and honored to share my voice.

There I can reach a wider audience, inspiring others to step into their own leadership roles. I only hope that the ripple effect of learning will continue; relationships will deepen, communication skills will be utilized and clients will become stronger as a result.

My intention is to connect with you, the client, and establish what goals need to be made in your life.

Are you ready for a shift?

Do you desire empowerment and change?

Are you longing to feel inspired, find your purpose and grow in a supportive and nurturing environment?

Utilizing effective individual and group coaching methods, I will guide you to become the person that you aspire to be. We all have just one life. Live it Boldly and become your best self … in whatever shoes you choose!


I was constantly being questioned how a mom of three boys could reinvent her life at 40 years of age, guiding and coaching others in the Grand Canyon/Wilderness. At the same time, my femininity was being questioned as I was exiting a marriage where my husband is gay.

Though seen as strong, I wasn’t always seen as feminine … which stung.

At my Core, I am Pure Woman. I am also an Adventurer at Heart.

I decided that I wanted a symbol, something for me, which would show the world that a woman does not have to be put in a box. I wanted to show that we can do our nails and summit a peak on the exact same day. We can hike trails, climb boulders and still come home to put on a dress and heels. We can embrace, love and honor all sides of ourselves.

It came to me one day while running. “I will buy a pair of red stilettos and wear them on the peak of Mt. Baldy…for me.” I posted my picture on social media and the response was surreal. Through that one picture, a message was also posted to the Universe… that women CAN be Strong and Feminine.

My heels have seen Peaks throughout Yosemite, Mt. Wilson, Cucamonga Peak, Mt. Baldy, San Jacinto, San Bernardino Peak, San Gorgonio, the High Sierra Trail, Mt. Whitney … and many, many others.

Red represents courage, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. I will never stop embracing me…

Hopefully these red heels give you the courage to do the same.

Sara Schulting Kranz red heels
Sara Schulting-Kranz Red heels



Instagram post 2191770193285643137_2203813445 TRUST is a practice I’ve worked daily on for the last 6 years. It doesn’t come nearly as easy as it once did in my life ... + that kinda sucks for someone like me who sees the bright light {no matter how small} in everyone around her.
One big lesson I’ve learned: if people I work + play with don’t stand in their INTEGRITY + VALUES ... Good-Bye! 👋 I simply cannot sacrifice my own.
Taking on this film has been one true test for me. I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone, leaned into my Faith + values when my fear + saboteurs have wreaked their ugly heads, I’ve held onto my beliefs, truth + voice ... and I owe a huge THANK YOU to Laura VanZee Taylor! I remember the moment Laura called + asked if my story could be her next project. I knew it would become a huge lesson + push in my healing ... but wow!
>> Now I TRULY know what it’s like when I ask my clients to trust me. That’s HUGE! <<
We have pushed + pulled one another in so many ways on this project already! I mean, we filmed in the GRAND CANYON! I’ve learned about life, business, friendships, deepening myself as a woman ... and even more so, deepening my ability to TRUST AGAIN by sharing my most precious gift: MY LIFE.
Partnering with Laura on Walk Through This has been a true freaking gift + one I needed for simply ME. Woman, I absolutely LOVE + ADMIRE YOU so damn deeply ... THANK YOU for being YOU in EVERY WAY!
And ... thank you for letting me break down + cry in your arms the morning we left the GC. This process can be scary as sh#t, but I love you for ALL of it ... + so much more.
You are Amazing.

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Instagram post 2191180662299816740_2203813445 Stepping into forgiveness can be scary + difficult ... I should know!
I’ve lived through some pretty brutal times in life. Yet I have always been able to find freedom + peace beyond the hurt, pain, sadness + resentment.
How, you ask?
Because I embraced forgiveness ... and I did it MY WAY.
Forgiveness isn’t about forgetting or condoning the actions of those who hurt you.
Instead, it’s about accepting what happened + holding them accountable by handing back the pain, sadness + hurt caused by their transgressions.
If you’re interested in learning more, I’m giving a FREE WEBINAR on Wednesday, December 4th at 5:00 PST.
Sign up here👉
—> My personal story + how years of trauma taught me the power of forgiving.
—> Why we don’t need to Forget what happened in order for us to Forgive!
—> How to release + hand over toxic emotions, welcoming freedom, peace + joy in your life.
—> That ruminating story in your head of what happened? I’ll teach you how to re-write the narrative.
—> My personal tools for recovery … + how I work on this every. damn. day.
Can’t make the webinar? No worries! Sign up + the link will be available for a short time once released.
You deserve happiness, too.
I hope to see you there!
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Instagram post 2183854984189652385_2203813445 💫EMOTIONS are Energy in Motion💫 ... and let me tell you, this 8-week Breakthrough Coaching Journey + 6-day GRAND CANYON RETREAT will forever change your life.
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Hiking, Adventure, Nature therapy, Coaching, Breathwork + Meditation ... #transformation ! “I was really nervous + kept making excuses because I’m not a “hiker” or it is not the right time, etc ... I’m so glad I said yes! I loved every aspect of this amazing adventure. Accomplishment, learning, growing, shooting stars, sunrises + sunsets in the GC, letting go + being supported ... “ @lindydottsb ❤️🌈🌿
Thank you, @katherineelainephotography for this amazing picture!
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