July 23-29, 2021

Harness the Healing Power of Nature on a Breakwater Expedition through Prince William Sound, Alaska

Nature became my healing space during trauma recovery.

With every break I took outdoors, I began to better understand my personal story while finding clarity about my life.

Nature allowed me to be free from the created world around me and I came to realize that my traumas do not define me.

What I do have is an opportunity to learn + grow from my experiences.

Being on the trail and ocean provided space for me to let go of pain + welcome peace.

It was in nature that I understood a deeper meaning of me.

It was in nature that I began to live + love again.

And I want the same for you.

Welcome to our Transformational + Healing Alaska Retreat.


Through Sara’s guidance, positive energy, and vulnerability, I found more kindness and love in and for my own story. I would recommend a retreat to anyone seeking an adventure into nature and opening the door to healing and hope.”

– Liane Gerstenkorn


Limit 11 Attendees

We live during a time when it may feel difficult to detach from our daily life. Sure, we all have responsibilities + the need to take care of others. I get it!

But we all need to be taken care of, too. And that, my friend, means taking time away for YOU.

Join us on a healing retreat in Whittier, Alaska! This is a journey of self-discovery and adventure. So much of our lives are filled with responsibilities and distractions. Taking time away to detach from the world and reconnect to nature will feed your body, mind, soul and spirit.

This trip is designed for people who are ready to learn, grow, adventure, foster new friendships, and cultivate lasting memories.  Together we will adventure, meditate + journal in nature, and deep-dive into self through facilitated group coaching.

This uniquely choreographed journey through Prince William Sound, Alaska will be lead by Sara in collaboration with Breakwater Expeditions. Breakwater has a team of highly skilled outdoor professionals with years of experience in developing and leading adventure intentional programs and expeditions for teens, adults, and families.

You will leave this 7-day experience with your cup replenished and those empty spaces within you full of hope, love, and support.

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The grandeur of Alaska is calling you.

Combining coaching and hiking in nature has a rich history of being a powerful and transformative tool. We go beyond simply “hiking.” This trip differs from others as you are with a team of peers and a supportive wilderness guide, author, coach + natural energy healer, Sara Schulting-Kranz, providing unique opportunities for personal growth + empowerment!


Pre and Post Retreat Support:
Led by Sara, group coaching calls provide a supportive environment to learn what you are truly capable of. Deep-dive into your values, set your intentions, understand your story + patterns more deeply, and learn from others’ experiences.

  • ZOOM All calls and sessions are done via Zoom, a private and secure online video conferencing site.
  • Pre-retreat 3-4 group coaching calls.
  • Post-retreat 3 group coaching calls.
Sara Schulting Kranz Group Coaching

On The Alaska Retreat:

  • During the expedition, we will continue our coaching journey outside of the four-walls we will live in.
  • Includes coaching and meditating in nature + under the stars, while allowing your inner-child to adventure. Our time on this retreat will be pure magic!
  • Be one of very few who experience personal growth, healing, and transformation in the vastness of Prince William Sound!


Breakwater has a team of highly skilled outdoor professionals with years of experience in developing and leading adventure intentional programs and expeditions for teens, adults, and families.

Eliana Moon


Todd Mckibben is a seasoned guide, logistical master, and passionate outdoorsman. He has dedicated his life to helping others change their lives through the power of nature, inspired by his own personal experiences and connections with people he has met along the way. Todd has helped Breakwater support clients in bring more purpose, passion, and intention to their lives.

With over 20 years of experience and 3000 days in the field, he’s had the pleasure of serving a variety of populations. Happiest with a paddle in his hand, he finds power in movement, drawing from it a passion for life which he shares with his wife, two boys, and anyone he meets.



Arrive in Anchorage

  • Meet at Anchorage airport and shuttle to Whittier, AK.
  • Check into lodging at June’s Whittier Suites.
  • Dinner, orientation, and pack our personal items for the trip.


Shuttle into
Prince William Sound

  • Finish packing and load on board a jet boat to be shuttled to our paddling area in the Sound.
  • We will be dropped off on the shore where we will organize our gear and pack our boats for the first paddle.
  • Paddle to our first camp!


Port Nellie Juan Inlet

  • We will work our way into Port Nellie and explore salmon streams and this wild landscape. So much to see and explore!

DAY 4 & 5

Graystone Bay, Derickson Bay
& Port Nellie Glacier

  • Paddle and explore Graystone Bay.
  • Next, venture to Derickson Bay and Port Nellie Glacier.


Get off the water &
shuttle to Anchorage

  • Morning paddle to our pick-up spot in the afternoon.
  • Take Jet Boat shuttle back to Whittier where we will clean up and enjoy a closing meal together.
  • Evening shuttle pickup and transport to Anchorage airport for departures after 10 pm.


Travel or Stay the Day

  • Most flights are between 12:30 am – 3 am to the lower 48.
  • You can choose to stay the night at a hotel and fly out the following day.

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  • 6 breakthrough group coaching calls
  • 7 days of transformational adventure in Alaska
  • 3 certified professionals providing a safe, fun and meaningful experience.
  • Guided meditation and coaching with Sara
  • 1 night lodging ground transport, expedition expense, tents, sleeping bags and gear.
  • Kayaks: Sturdy, double expedition fiberglass kayaks
  • Gear: Rubber boots and rubber rain gear provided.
  • Cuisine: Healthy fresh food, vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, and meats. We can accomodate special dietary needs.
  • Not included: dinner and breakfast on first day.


My way of healing + growing into who I am today was unconventional. Yet, it worked. We all deserve a sacred space to deepen our relationship with self. To feel connected with others + know that we are not alone. There are no other retreats out there like this.

If you are taking your first step on your healing journey, or are well on your way + simply would like to continue your practice of loving + leaning into a more joy filled life, this is a space created for you.

Community + Connection are essential for change. These retreats are designed to meet you where you are and provide support regardless of the switchbacks you’re navigating in your life.

This program is designed to be a long term compass on your healing journey. I will walk you through steps to use nature in your healing journey, and I will share my own personal methods for embracing forgiveness. We all deserve space to find truth, inspiration, hope, and healing.

Everything here helped me get to where I am today. I want the same for you.


“I was blessed to have gone on one of Sara’s retreats in December of 2020 – it was magical. My heart was cracked wide open, Love, Worthiness and Compassion for self was seen within me for the first time. Being held by another touched the core of my soul – it was the most Peace, Unconditional love of each other and laughter I have ever experienced in life. Take that step into the Grand Canyon with Sara and “Choose you.”

– Rhonda Kroger


You will learn the science of trauma + understand how trauma affects your body, mind + spirit…because education is important for healing.

You will welcome + incorporate various methods of healing into your life including meditation, breathwork, nature therapy, and other somatic practices led by professionals in the healing community. There is no one way to heal.

You will deepen your understanding of self + reframe the underlying stories and beliefs that brought you here today.

You will see your patterns in life + make better choices to live in a way that serves you.

You will grow your self worth + self love…and use them as a compass to guide you going forward.

You will learn to live from your heart…and not simply your mind.

You will learn to forge forgiveness for yourself and others who brought pain into your life and the world.

You will feel empowered + know that you are not alone…you belong here.

You will learn how to welcome healthy relationships into your life – including those with friends, family + partners – while detaching from + letting go of unhealthy relationships that do not serve you.

You will manifest + step into a life created by you, FOR you, filled with freedom, peace and choice.


Q: How long is the program?
A: This is a condensed coaching program + a multi-day Alaska Healing Retreat in Prince William Sound. We will have weekly 5 virtual coaching sessions where we will deep-dive into a new topic each time. The intent is for you to be ready in every way to head into the retreat + heal. Likewise, we keep our coaching sessions going after the retreat so you can implement what you have learned into your everyday life. Need to miss a call? No problem! They will be recorded + shared with you.

Q: How fit do I need to be?
A: If you are concerned about or questioning your physical ability, please reach out to me + let’s have a conversation. Kayaking Prince William Sound is as much about mindset + heart space as it is about physical ability.

Q: What if I am afraid?
A: I have guided many people through fears, including clients afraid of heights + a blind para-athlete (twice) through the Grand Canyon. Prior to the trip, we will talk through how best to accommodate + face your fears or challenges. My co-leads + I have got you.

Q: How is this different from another guided group?
A: Within the retreats I lead, it’s far beyond simply hiking or kayaking. You will be guided not only into nature but also within yourself. Being on this retreat becomes an experiential journey of self-discovery, growth + healing.

Q: Is this really worth the money?
A: If you’re ready to invest in yourself, let go of limiting beliefs, transcend your story, and believe in yourself…absolutely! Anyone who has lived through difficult life experiences knows how important it is to work on ourselves daily. I still work on myself, too. I value your time + investment as much as you do.

Q: How much time will I get with you?
A: You’ll get access to me throughout our coaching calls together and through Voxer, an instant messaging app. In addition, I am with you every step of the way on our Alaska retreat. Not only that, but my clients become family to me. Pretty much, we are connected for life.



BONUS #1: A SIGNED COPY OF MY BOOK: Walk Through This: Harness the Healing Power of Nature and Travel the Road to Forgiveness

I wrote this book for all of you. Throughout this journey together, we will be diving deep into the pages of this book. Ask me anything while you are here.

BONUS #2: My digital course: UNSTUCK + FREE: How to Live Outside Your Comfort Zone

UNSTUCK + FREE: How to Live Outside Your Comfort Zone is an immersive digital course that brings “learning from the trail to life” with HD videos, a guided visualization, my own personal learning + downloadable pdf worksheets.

I created this course for those ready + willing to let go of fear, should’s + stories holding you back from living a life on your terms. This course will deepen your sense of self and guide you towards choice, freedom + alignment with what sets your soul on fire. Recorded from the trails on Mt. Baldy in Southern California, watch + learn from this course at your leisure. I loved creating this for you!

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I know walking this journey of self-exploration + reflection can oftentimes feel overwhelming + exhausting.

I also know how important it is to do the deep work. By healing + transforming your life, you are changing generational patterns from your past + creating good for your future.

Not only do we benefit through this process, but so do those closest to us in our lives, as well as our communities, society, and the world.

There has never been a better time to harness the healing power of nature + travel the road to forgiveness. There has never been a better time to say YES to you…and create the life you love.

I am here for you. And I believe in you.

All my love,


Sara Schulting Kranz with heart shaped rock