What conversations are you having about race?

A native of Atlanta, GA, Daryl began his professional career as a classical singer. His musical talents have taken him to concert stages in Europe and throughout the United States, including a performance in the White House. Daryl made history when he became the first African American to sing Spirituals in St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City for Pope John Paul II. Turning down an opportunity to tour with Harry Belafonte, Daryl followed a new passion that leads to the work he does today.

Daryl is regarded as one of the most powerful, inspirational, and relevant speakers and trainers on the subject of workforce diversity. Daryl is the founder of Diversity Resource Group (DRG), and the Professional Diversity Practitioners Network. Daryl works with organizations to help create an optimal work environment – an environment where every employee feels recognized, appreciated, valued, and that his/her talents are being optimally utilized. Daryl has consulted with organizations that range from small non-profits to Fortune 500. Daryl received certification as an EEO Investigator from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

An award-winning diversity practitioner, Daryl has presented at numerous diversity conferences, including the national SHRM Diversity Conference. Daryl was cited in HR Magazine for his expertise in the area of workforce diversity. Daryl served as an EEO Officer in the US Army, the Director of Multicultural Services at George Fox University, and the Chief Diversity Officer of Multnomah County, the second-most populous county in the Northwest. Daryl earned his BA degree from Morehouse College and Master of Divinity degree from George Fox University.

In this episode, Daryl and I have a raw and incredible conversation about anti-racism, diversity, and what is happening in the world today. Daryl opens the conversation revealing why talking about race isn’t “courageous.” Traditionally, white people haven’t had to talk about race, whereas people of color talk about it every day. When you don’t talk about race, you’re sending the message that it’s not essential. There is nothing wrong with talking about race – it’s a beautiful thing, we should embrace it.

Later, Daryl says what we need to do:

–      If you see something, say something.

–      Be more aware.

–      Do the deep work.

–      White people need to have conversations about race.

Stay tuned as Daryl questions when America was ever great? Black people have always been living in terror and fear. The phrase “Make America Great Again” is merely insulting. Daryl loves America – he fought for this country and would do it again in a heartbeat. However, America has never been great.

In This Episode:

  • About Daryl Dixon [ 1:00 ]
  • If you’re not talking about race, then it doesn’t matter [ 10:10 ]
  • Why white people are resistant to having a conversation about race [ 17:55 ]
  • Imagine what black children go through in society [ 24:20 ]
  • About the Racism Doll Test [ 27:10 ]
  • What we need to do [ 28:55 ]
  • Why the true protestors aren’t looting [ 44:35 ]
  • When was America great? [ 49:30 ]



  • “Traditionally, white people haven’t had to talk about race.”
  • “Why does it take courage to talk about race?”
  • “When you don’t talk about it, you’re communicating so much.”
  • “Guilt, blame, and shame are a waste of our time when it comes to racial issues.”
  • “Be more aware.”

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