Are you ready to move forward and take the next step in your life?

Asia Dawn is a women’s empowerment coach and relationship expert, with an MBA and a variety of holistic coaching certifications. She takes women from heartbreak to purpose by helping them break free from their past, create space for healthy love, and step into their power. Asia hosts retreats and VIP experiences to empower women to cultivate more fulfilling relationships.

Two months after Asia’s wedding, her husband told her it was a mistake to get married. Asia’s world completely turned upside down – they were still writing thank you notes! Eventually, Asia caught him with another woman, and her husband finally filed for the divorce. On the day of Asia’s proposal, she started sobbing and couldn’t eat – her anxiety levels were high. In hindsight, Asia would have listened to her intuition. Looking back at the past nine years, there were so many moments she should have paid more attention to.

To keep moving forward, Asia would meditate and exercise daily. She was part of a running community, went to a yoga studio, and danced. Despite the constant exercise, it was difficult for Asia to navigate the shame; she went about her life as if nothing had happened and kept her perfect image alive. Then, Asia broke down to her coworker one day, came out to her parents, and wrote a blog post for the world to see. Plus, she realized travel made her happy, so she decided to save money and buy a one-way ticket to Ecuador.

Stay tuned to hear Asia describe how to tell the difference between excitement and fear, the process of rebuilding trust within herself, and how long to wait until we date.

In This Episode:

  • About Asia’s divorce [ 4:00 ]
  • The day of the proposal [ 9:00 ]
  • A passion for travel [ 14:30 ]
  • Navigating the shame [ 18:10 ]
  • Healing tools [ 23:10 ]
  • Deciphering between excitement and fear [ 27:00 ]
  • Boundaries and trust [ 33:15 ]
  • About love bombing [ 42:30 ]
  • Learning how to give to yourself [ 45:00 ]
  • How long should you wait until you date? [ 46:40 ]


  • “I am all about moving the body.”
  • “Learn how to treat yourself well.”
  • “Date yourself first.”
  • “If you don’t know who you are, what kind of person are you going to attract?”
  • “Don’t be attached to any sort of timeline.”

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