Embracing Renewal Phases

Guest, Karina Pacific, shares her personal story of choosing magic in her life as well as other topics like how she was able to make things happen for herself and became successful in life despite all odds.

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Embracing Renewal Phases: Karina’s Transformation Story

Karina is the author of “Choosing Magic.” A memoir about a fatherless girl with a broken heart who changed her story. She is a mother, friend, and volunteer in beautiful LaLa Land. She believes in the value of service and takes great pride in servicing her community. A Rotary member, she also supports Young life and non-profits for children.

Karina Pacific is also a savvy and seasoned luxury real estate agent in Los Angeles, particularly Manhattan Hermosa Beach in the South Bay and surrounding cities. With over 11 years of experience, she has successfully advised a wide range of clients from luxury high-end buyers and sellers down to first-time home buyers and investors.

Book description
Choosing Magic” delivers author Karina Pacific the insight and guidance she desperately needed as a child. Born in Mexico, fatherless, and with an overworked, reticent mother, Karina shares a childhood filled with colorful characters, secrets of sexual abuse, and a nomadic existence that bounced her all over her country, eventually leading her to America.

Armed with inherent optimism, and a love for Bruce Springsteen and God, Karina embraced a new life as an immigrant in the States with gusto while meeting angels and heroes on earth who helped her regain faith in humanity and herself. Karina walked away armed with knowledge and lessons that her silent mother could not provide her.

In this episode, I chat with Karina Pacific. She is a master life coach, who has a very interesting personal story to share. Listen to what she has to say about her book and how she chooses magic in her life, as well as other topics like how she was able to make things happen for herself and became successful in life despite all odds.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • [03:55] About our Grand Canyon retreats
  • [09:18] Who Karina Pacific is.
  • [14:35] What made Karina write her book
  • [17:41] The imposter syndrome
  • [18:57] A little bit about Karina
  • [20:55] Why it is hard for Karina not knowing where her father is
  • [23:26]Karina’s next phase in life began when she moved to America, and she became involved in toxic relationships.
  • [26:01] What drew Karina into her toxic relationships
  • [31:49] Karina’s choice and toxic men in her life leading to unhealthy relationships
  • [34:54] The Chaos business
  • [37:13] Karina’s renewal and transformation
  • [37:47]How Maria brought back Karina to the center and taught her a lot about forgiveness and communication despite both of them being messy and lost
  • [40:46]When Karina got married and had a daughter
  • [42:48]Why did Karina choose “Choosing Magic” as the title for her book?
  • [44:31] What is toxic positivity, and does Karina believe in it?
  • [46:33] How people are now using social media as their therapy space
  • [48:18]How Karina’s past has brought her to where she is today
  • [52:03]What Karina’s pattern is attached to
  • [54:58]What Karina would do differently in her life and also what her tattoo is all about
  • [1:01:57]Why we tend to shrink or hide parts of who we are
  • [1:05:20]Why you should find your own toolbox that will help you carry along during, you know, hard times of adversity



  • “I’ve been inspired by other people. Because we teach each other we learn from each other. Maybe my story will help somebody, but it will also help me chronicle those things that I did along the way,” [15:58]
  • My story affects others in different ways. And in sharing, we receive right and in teaching, we are led to guide ourselves in different kinds of way too. [16:47]
  • “There’s no better gift than to leave the written word for other people to learn from” [17:12]
  • “I’ve learned, the older I get, the more I just kind of give it up to the universe, or to my God and to, you know, the source to that that will come.”[21:07]
  • “I do think that when we have unresolved trauma, we relationships are the easiest thing to attach on to help make us feel better. And sometimes means the most toxic ones ever.” [26:59]
  • “We know how to create peace out of chaos but we don’t know how to create peace out of peace.” [34:32]
  • “I did not know how to deal with a nice person. Because I’d had so much toxic in my life prior to that for my childhood sexual abuse.”[39:27]
  • “And I also think that when we ask for it and it’s or put it into existence, maybe sometimes we’re ready, and we don’t realize it.”[40:09]
  • “We believe in that we have that power to choose good or bad, you know, good choices, bad choices. To choose, we choose ourselves, sometimes we don’t choose ourselves.”[42:52]
  • “You’re aware, aware and awareness, you know, allows you to then be open to what’s to come while still being awareness. Not being aloof. You’re not sort of oblivious to it.”[53:30]

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