At Live Boldly Coaching, the goal is to retreat from your everyday life and circumstances, and create opportunities to transform.  Experience the transcendent quality that healing in nature affords, foster new friendships, and cultivate lasting memories.  Through the supportive group coaching process, you share your life story with other people who “get you” and understand what you are going through.  Likewise, you will connect and learn from other people’s experiences.  Combining coaching and hiking in nature has a rich history of being a powerful and transformative tool.

What other options besides hiking will be offered?2018-01-25T05:02:17-07:00

Day hikes summiting Mt. Baldy will be offered, followed by a day of Canyoneering through San Antonio Falls which lies within Mt. Baldy.  Mt. San Antonio, referred to as Mt. Baldy, is the highest peak of the San Gabriel Mountains, and the highest point in Los Angeles County, California. The peak is within the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument and Angeles National Forest.  Intentions are set on offering future trips in which stand-up paddling, kayaking and yoga will also be utilized.

What is the largest mountain you have climbed?2018-01-25T05:03:12-07:00

The largest mountain that I have climbed is Mt. Whitney, the highest summit in the contiguous United States and the Sierra Nevada, with an elevation of 14,505 feet (4421.0 m).  Hiking the main trail in 19.5 hours straight, our group battled various weather elements and issues with altitude sickness.  It was an incredible experience that tested my physical, mental, and emotional strength.

What is a Wilderness First Responder?2018-01-08T17:39:02-07:00

A Wilderness First Responder (WFR) is trained to respond to emergency situations in remote locations. They are part of a wide variety of wilderness medical providers who deal with medical emergencies that occur in wilderness settings. The WFR program is the ideal medical training for leaders in remote areas including outdoor educators, guides, military, professional search and rescue teams, researchers, and those involved in disaster relief. The curriculum includes the essential principles and skills required to assess and manage medical problems in isolated and extreme environments for days and weeks if necessary.

What is a stand-up paddle enthusiast?2018-01-08T17:43:08-07:00

Stand-up paddling, a sport originating in Hawaii as an offshoot of surfing. This has been an incredible outlet for discharging my emotions during my own life journey. Paddling on the Pacific Ocean provided the space to release my anger, allowing emotional room to find clarity and spiritual connectedness during a time that I felt isolated and lonely.

What is a Certified Professional CoActive Coach (CPCC)?2018-01-08T17:38:04-07:00

A Certified Professional CoActive Coach (CPCC) works with clients to unlock their present and future potentials; they believe that all clients are creative, resourceful and whole individuals. Clients are asked powerful questions in order to establish goals and find purpose within their own life. A CPCC assists clients to discover their values, find clarity in their current life situations and circumstances, and aids in creating strategies to achieve their future aspirations while managing all of life’s complexities.

What does it mean to be Certified Partner Coach (CPC) Candidate?2018-01-08T17:37:45-07:00

A Certified Partner Coach (CPC) is one who is trained and certified in a treatment model that acknowledges and responds to the traumatic stress found in partners affected by sex addiction and other addictions. CPC Candidates subscribe to developing a safe space for partners to heal from the pain, betrayal and loss inflicted on those suffering from relational trauma.

Is Adventure Coaching for me?2018-01-08T17:39:51-07:00

If you are ready for a life altering experience, desire healing, and if you yearn for a challenge within a supportive group setting ~ YES!

How many hours does it take to ascend the Grand Canyon?2018-01-08T17:40:24-07:00

The amount of time it takes to ascend and descend the Grand Canyon varies greatly on the size of the group, hiking abilities, weather conditions, and trails that we choose to trek.  At Live Boldly Coaching, we believe that every moment while on the trail should be utilized for health, healing, growth and clarity.  We do not set limitations on time or distance.  As in life, we encourage our clients to simply be present.  That said, you definitely can plan on hiking for a minimum of six hours to descend into the Canyon, and a minimum of eight hours to ascend out of the Canyon.  We do take moments for rest, refueling, and reflection while on the trail.

How fit should I be for a hike?2018-01-08T17:39:27-07:00

It is important that you are physically ready for whichever adventure that you choose. After consulting with your doctor, please discuss with Sara your capabilities and limitations.

Does Live Boldly Coaching do day hiking trips?2018-01-08T17:41:22-07:00

All six-pack of Southern California peaks within the hiking and coaching retreats are day hikes:


Mt. Wilson – Home to a large array of Los Angeles television and radio towers, as well as the Mt. Wilson Observatory. Summit elevation 5,712′

Cucamonga Peak – The first half of this trail follows beautiful Icehouse Canyon. Summit elevation 8,859′

Mt. San Antonio – Known by many as “Mt. Baldy” this is a SoCal icon. Summit elevation 10,068′

San Bernardino Peak – This little-known trail provides a welcome escape from the crowds. Summit elevation 10,649′

San Jacinto Peak – Ascending the Marion Mountain trail, this route skips the tram for maximum benefit. Summit elevation 10,834′

San Gorgonio – “Old Greyback” is the highest peak in Southern California! Summit elevation 11,503′

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