It’s essential to spend less time in fear and more time living. Doing hard things reminds you how capable you are of doing every other hard thing standing in your way.

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Fear Less, Live More

There’s something beautiful about climbing a mountain alone in the dark. Stars shining bright, only to reach the summit at sunrise. 

You look over the ridge at 10,064 ft, watching the world wake. The sky turns color, from black, to shades of orange, and finally blue. You are the only human on top.

“Were you afraid?”

“Yes. For the first 15 minutes.”

But then you realize that your fear is in your head. You’ve climbed this mountain time and time again.

You see, it’s still the same mountain, just under a different sky.

You tell yourself, “I wasn’t afraid climbing in daylight. So why be afraid in the dark? Trust yourself.”

This mountain taught me to stop wrapping experiences in fear and worry, and instead, to wrap them in courage and bravery.

Do hard things.

Because every hard thing will remind you how capable that you are of doing every other hard thing standing in your way. 

Every single day ask yourself, “What is important to me?” Define those things that are important to you and bring more of that into your life, while you are also letting go of the things that don’t really mean a hill of beans. 

To live is to make those hard choices and decisions and actions moving forth that perhaps others wouldn’t make. But it really doesn’t matter because you’re living this life for you and according to who you are.  

Let’s go!


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