Who is in your Tribe?

On Sunday, October 7th, blind female Paralympian and Adventure Seeker, Shawn Cheshire, will be the first blind woman to hike the Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim to Rim! Two guys, Jesse Crandall and Scott Drum, and I will safely be her guides. Our goal is to complete this adventure in 20 hours. Hiking all 48 miles in a day has been an idea I’ve toyed with for years, but I could never find a partner in crime. It took this amazing opportunity to make it happen-and I couldn’t be more honored, grateful, and excited!

No matter who you are, being on a hiking trail against the unknown, mentally and physically pushing limits, you want the right people beside you for one important reason: SUPPORT. For me, support means: guidance, love, laughter, safety, and connection.

And interestingly enough, the same holds true for life. We all need a supportive tribe. 

As you follow us through the Grand Canyon on Sunday, I challenge you to think about your own tribe. Who can you rely on for support? What is it that you need, and are your needs being met? Are you able to laugh, love, be heard, and do you feel connected with those closest to you? If not, what needs to change?

I ask myself these very same questions every day. And I will be doing the same through all 48 miles on Sunday, as well.

Please follow us here: https://share.garmin.com/shawncheshire

All messages of strength, hope, love, and good wishes will be heard!

Sara, Shawn, Jesse and Scott … ie: “Team Shawn”


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