Writing Your Own Comeback Story with Matt Gagnon

Matt Gagnon is a TEDx Speaker, Rule Breaker, Bulletproof Optimist, and the Founder of Atomic Mornings, which helps people reclaim their time and own their day. It assists people to understand what is keeping them up at night and in bed in the morning by creating a powerful morning routine. He is also the Founder and CEO  of Matt Gagnon Coaching, LLC which helps people live with a courageous heart.  Matt stands for the underdog. Those who choose to charge towards adversity, ignoring the haters, and cutting through limiting beliefs like a machete slicing a path through the dense jungle.

Take this episode outside as we join Matt in his transformational journey. Take your time today to experience and enjoy his words and embrace our conversation.

It’s time to listen, learn, and transform through what you hear!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • [11:14] Matt Gagnon background
  • [14:06] What got Matt to the space of TEDx talks
  • [21:55] How Matt knew the next step to take during his rock bottom moment
  • [26:46] The story of David and Goliath and its application in his life
  • [31:16] How nature becomes a tool in your healing and personal discovery
  • [36:43] Not playing the victim
  • [41:38] Taking control of your life
  • [01:04:04] Values and how you find your way forward
  • [01:06:26] Living with a courageous heart
  • [01:12:05] Matt’s final advice


  • “It is never too late to make a comeback in life and go after what you love.” [12:03]
  • “By investing in people, taking an interest in them, and building amazing leaders, financial results come on their own.” [16:35]
  • “Curiosity is the most epic perspective to live in. It helps avoid stress and anxiety.” [30:16]
  • “Sometimes, the questions that we ask others are also the most difficult ones to ask ourselves.” [46:08]
  • “If you start to have the bulletproof optimism mindset, you start to feel unsinkable.” [54:26]

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