Sara brings forth a motivational and inspiring aspect to her keynote speaking, workshops, retreats and corporate programs. Tapping into her years of teaching experience, she has the ability to reach every person in the group audience as if they are her own individual client. Sara uses her listening and interactive techniques to fully engage each and every group/audience member.

WORKSHOPS, RETREATS, & CORPORATE PROGRAMS: Sara has facilitated numerous workshops and retreats and has created corporate programs utilizing these aspects of leadership training and employee wellness opportunities:

Team building
Leadership development (self and team)
Levels of Communication including verbal and listening
Relationship building (self and team)
Building Trust, Respect and Shared Goals
Combatting Fear and Comfort Zones
Purpose both in Business and Personal
Finding Forgiveness
Boundary and Goal Setting
Mindfulness use in Corporate Settings

She also uses these outdoor activities for Corporate Leadership and Team Building:

Stand Up Paddle-boarding


Upcoming Events

“Sara’s magnetic energy is undeniable and I highly recommend going on an adventure with her whether it be to challenge yourself physically, emotionally, or spiritually.”

–Liz Dubé

Sex & Relationship Therapist |



Bringing this to my main page since it’s created so much buzz in my stories. 🔥 PLEASE REMEMBER that your truth is YOUR TRUTH. Define what that means FOR YOU.

In place of carrying others’ judgments or questioning .. choose to carry your truth + integrity with every step in life. You decide what that looks like for you.

My truth means MY REALITY with each + every moment. My truth means honoring my heart, my soul, my body, mind + spirit. My truth means honoring my life experiences.

I ask myself a vital question when people judge: “Sara, what do YOU know to be true?”

Please feel free to use ⬆️ yourself.

Just remember: our truth deserves to be honored. And no one knows your truth better than you. No one in this world can take your truth from you.

Let’s remind one another how important our truth is! Share this post by clicking on the ✈️ + save by clicking on the flag. Please tag your friends below.

Sending love, truth + integrity for OUR STORIES .. because we all matter.
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I believe in you / us .. always!
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As a little girl, I lived by the phrase, “Treat others as you wish to be treated.” And now at 47 years old, I’m following it with, “Treat yourself how you wish to be treated by others.”

Find that someone in life who reminds you that you can do hard things. That you can lean in + take a leap of faith. Find that person who believes in you to step out of your comfort zone .. and who holds you safely when you do so.

Allow that person to be your mirror.

This is Brittany @beautifullyawakening .
Britt co-led a Grand Canyon retreat with me in January. We took this picture under our favorite waterfall in the canyon while wearing my new @bekindhumankind bracelets. This picture represents everything good in the moment.

This picture represents kindness.
It represents Forgiveness.

When you wear the 7 Stones of Forgiveness bracelet, I want you to be reminded of HOW LOVED YOU ARE! I want you to be reminded that ✨ you are beautiful, worthy, and whole. ✨ I want you to be reminded that even through the most difficult experiences, YOU CAN TRUST AGAIN! There are people who see you. And if you ever need a mirror to remind you of that, touch your bracelet and know that I SEE YOU .. because WE CREATED THIS BRACELET FOR YOU. (Link in handle where you can purchase the bracelet OR a signed book + bracelet bundle. ❤️)

Tag your bestie who is your mirror in life .. and please know that I’m sending you my love.

Because I believe in you / us .. always.
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