Sara brings forth a motivational and inspiring aspect to her keynote speaking, workshops, retreats and corporate programs. Tapping into her years of teaching experience, she has the ability to reach every person in the group audience as if they are her own individual client. Sara uses her listening and interactive techniques to fully engage each and every group/audience member.

WORKSHOPS, RETREATS, & CORPORATE PROGRAMS: Sara has facilitated numerous workshops and retreats and has created corporate programs utilizing these aspects of leadership training and employee wellness opportunities:

Team building
Leadership development (self and team)
Levels of Communication including verbal and listening
Relationship building (self and team)
Building Trust, Respect and Shared Goals
Combatting Fear and Comfort Zones
Purpose both in Business and Personal
Finding Forgiveness
Boundary and Goal Setting
Mindfulness use in Corporate Settings

She also uses these outdoor activities for Corporate Leadership and Team Building:

Stand Up Paddle-boarding


Upcoming Events

“Sara’s magnetic energy is undeniable and I highly recommend going on an adventure with her whether it be to challenge yourself physically, emotionally, or spiritually.”

–Liz Dubé

Sex & Relationship Therapist |



We are off! Another Grand Canyon retreat underway! 

We’ll spend the next 5 days hiking, meditating, being present in nature and holding space for one another. 

The eight individuals on this journey today will step into the Grand Canyon as one version of themselves and out of the Grand Canyon with more clarity, hope, inspiration, human connection and self love. They will step out as individuals who are willing to do the deep self work of healing every day. 

They will have experienced a once in a lifetime journey of self discovery and boundary pushing, knowing that no obstacle is too big to navigate. 

The transformation of the canyon is unmatched. 

Experience the transformation in YOUR life.  Cart opens for April, June, and October retreats next week.
When near water or paddling in the Pacific Ocean, I feel the presence of my late Grandfather.

When hiking mountains or in the Grand Canyon, I feel the presence of my late Great Aunt.

Some days, I feel the presence of many. 🙏 Listen .. be aware .. and believe.

Drop a 🤍 in the comments if you feel your loved ones from above!

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We all have seasons when we feel lost in fog. But trust me, you are never really lost. Times like these are an opportunity to sit with who you are.
Breathe .. inhale + exhale .. reflect.
It’s within these quiet moments and the pause within our breath where we deepen our understanding, trust + belief within self. THIS is when you find your beating heart, tender soft loving soul .. and what you are truly made of.

As you learn + grow from the inside-out, the fog around you slowly lifts. Your thoughts have more clarity. Days seem lighter. You see your reflection in the mirror a bit differently than you ever have in the past. You see yourself with love, fierce self compassion, empathy, so much courage, bravery + belief. And one day you awaken to an even bigger newfound realization.

YOU, my friend, are not a product of your pain.
YOU are a product of how you’ve dealt with your pain.
YOU are molding + creating a life from your experiences. A new life where you honor your emotions + experiences because they’ve helped create this incredible new human that is now leading you today.

Congratulations, my friend. 👏
This is what it is to become a f’ng Phoenix Rising.

My suggestion to you, regardless of who you are + what you are going through:

USE the fog that happens in life.
Please .. do not get lost within it.

I love you / us.
I believe in you / us.
And thank you for being here.
GUESS WHAT? 🗣 Next week, we are opening the cart for our April, June + October healing retreats in the Grand Canyon! Interested? SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter (link in handle) + be one of the first to RESERVE YOUR SPOT!
Limit 8 per retreat ❤️.
Meditating, coaching, hiking, adventuring .. HEALING IN NATURE.
Yes, please, yes!
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A few things I learned after being on @heathermcdonald ‘s Juicy Scoop podcast:

1) Apparently I look + talk like @katiecouric .. without the same life story (though I’m sure some aspects are relatable.) Who knew?

2) Wanna know which of your friends are Juicy Scooper’s? Be a guest on Heather’s podcast. #obsessed followers for the win!

3) Our stories deserve to be told. You are worthy of being heard. And we are never alone.

I heard from people around the world after this episode aired. My favorite comment: “I BELIEVE YOU.”

I LONG FOR THE DAY that we stop normalizing perfection in our society.

Youtube link in my handle. TAG your friends below. And SHARE this post with those who may need a little hope in their life. 

All my love.
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