Sara brings forth a motivational and inspiring aspect to her keynote speaking, workshops, retreats and corporate programs. Tapping into her years of teaching experience, she has the ability to reach every person in the group audience as if they are her own individual client. Sara uses her listening and interactive techniques to fully engage each and every group/audience member.

WORKSHOPS, RETREATS, & CORPORATE PROGRAMS: Sara has facilitated numerous workshops and retreats and has created corporate programs utilizing these aspects of leadership training and employee wellness opportunities:

Team building
Leadership development (self and team)
Levels of Communication including verbal and listening
Relationship building (self and team)
Building Trust, Respect and Shared Goals
Combatting Fear and Comfort Zones
Purpose both in Business and Personal
Finding Forgiveness
Boundary and Goal Setting
Mindfulness use in Corporate Settings

She also uses these outdoor activities for Corporate Leadership and Team Building:

Stand Up Paddle-boarding


Upcoming Events

“Sara’s magnetic energy is undeniable and I highly recommend going on an adventure with her whether it be to challenge yourself physically, emotionally, or spiritually.”

–Liz Dubé

Sex & Relationship Therapist |



Post shower nap with the animals before my evening call in The Trail, and my son snaps this pic. I only look at authentic feeds. Today, I’ll sit + stare at mine. Jasper’s yawn! And Bailey’s eyes. 😂 This is real life. And I love it.

Authentic feeds I follow: ⬇️

@kindrahall (Soacedog rocks - and she’s from the Midwest. Truth.)
@amberlilyestrom (She speaks integrity! Love. Always.)
@sarablakely (OMG the video from today .. her kids .. her husband .. go look.)
@iammattgagnon (his story + how he lives! He walks the walk.)
@alexwehrley (My Wisconsin home girl .. she keeps it real life.)
@melrobbins (She shows what she preaches .. mad respect.)

Please share below your authentic feeds + why! Let’s keep the authenticity flowing + show more behind-the-scenes.

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Share what you’re practicing in the comments. Let it be true.

If we practice avoidance of our hearts desires. Of our dream of living as intended. If we practice avoidance of our deepest love. Of fear for what could be. If we practice avoidance of passion + integrity + intimacy + connection.

If we practice avoidance of our own heart + our own healing ...

bringing our biggest, most fulfilling dreams into reality will never come true.

So please ..

STOP AVOIDING. And start becoming.
THIS is why I do the work with all of you.

To bring your dream of living in "peace + calm" to reality.

FRIENDS: this is our LAST DAY for our DEEPEST SAVINGS for 2022 on our online healing program, THE TRAIL: A Community for Truth, Inspiration, Hope + Healing .. and for our FEBRUARY GRAND CANYON RETREAT!

Join this community + once in, you are welcomed for life.

I've always got your back.

Never, ever abandoned.

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Walk through this .. 

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