I’ve been writing a lot lately. Last week as I sat next to a pool + wrote while in the jungle of Costa Rica, I had a rather large ‘a-ha’ moment … about living.

Many people become ‘stuck’ in life. If it’s in their daily way of living, their careers, relationships, or perhaps they are stuck in their traumas. I see it over + over again. People ask me for advice, suggestions, or hire me as their coach to guide them into being ‘unstuck’.

But here’s the thing: In order to get unstuck, YOU – yes YOU – have to get into movement.

Many of us make excuses as to ‘why we can’t do something’ instead of putting forth the energy + seeing ‘how we can.’ Hiring a therapist, coach, or reading books is great! But personal development + healing is a practice, and one that should never be put on a shelf.

In my healing journey over these last six years (yes, I’m still on it + will forever be!), getting into movement has meant jumping in, trusting, and trying things I never thought possible. With every step I have continued to take, there’s been excitement, awe, and a hunger to continue seeing what is next.

Here is what I wrote in my book.

“Every year since 2013, I have signed up for things that scared me to my core. If it was running ultra marathons, paddling to an island, hiking for seven days in the backcountry, starting a business, deciding to write a book, or signing up for a yoga retreat. I knew that by achieving what I never thought possible, I was creating space for healing, recovery, and overcoming my deepest traumas. Why? Because PTSD is scary, and with every barrier of fear I smashed, the stronger my heart, mind, and spirit became to face the betrayals and step into forgiveness. I think of it as the yin and yang in healing. As we face discomfort, we honor our strengths and bring our fears into the light, raising our deepest emotions and traumas into the presence of healing. All of this, from standing on a TedX stage to writing this book, are steps in my recovery.”

To this day, I pick two big things a year that are out of my comfort zone + not something I’m accustomed to doing.

In 2020 it was going to a Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica (I had never done yoga – check!) and I’ll share the second once it’s completed. :) With every crazy journey I decide to embark on, I realize what is possible in my own life … and I heal my past in the process.

I’d love to guide you through my Six-Steps to do the same for you!

  1. Pick something you have never done before + would like to try. Perhaps it’s traveling, beginning meditation, or a new way of exercising!
  2. Find an accountability partner. Find your peeps that you can turn to!
  3. Set an intention. Why are you doing this, anyway? By knowing why we are doing anything in life, we give meaning + reason for the steps we are taking.
  4. Do not attach to the outcome. People ask, “How long does it take to run a marathon?” My response, “As long as it takes me that day.” It’s about the journey, not the destination. I care a lot more about how I live my life than how I’m gonna look the day that I die. Why? Because the journey determines the destination.
  5. Have fun … just have fun. As you’re doing that thing you’ve never done before, please remember to laugh. Find joy in your mistakes + humor in your flaws. Be proud of your steps that you took to get where you are today. You wouldn’t be there without the mess-ups.
  6. Celebrate your achievement! Ummm, why don’t people remind us to do this more? Please take a pause + pat yourself on the back for doing something you have never done before. Good freaking job, my friend!

Trust me, these Six-Steps + the outdoors have transformed my life.

That’s also why I began leading my Transformational Retreats in the Grand Canyon. When you blend it all together, MAGIC happens! 

If you are ready to ‘go there,’ we are currently accepting applications for our All-Women’s April 25-29th, 2020 Breakthrough Coaching Journey in the Grand Canyon with me + Brittany Lynne!

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“When I took Sara’s program, I didn’t really think I needed life coaching. I just thought I’d enjoy a hike in the Grand Canyon. Little did I know that the life coaching combined with the hike would have such a profound effect on my life. I had an epiphany during the hike where I could see my whole life change in ways I never imagined. Fear, insecurity, self-doubt…gone. Replaced with love and gratitude. Sara is smart, dedicated, kind, and intuitive, and she is nothing less than a miracle worker. I would highly recommend her program, especially to people like me who think they don’t need it.”  –  Marci Klein, Producer | Director | Writer 

If you can’t make the GC (ie: Grand Canyon) but would love to learn from the comfort of your home, please check out my latest downloadable program now available for the cost of one coaching session: Unstuck + Free : How to Live Outside Your Comfort Zone.

FILMED ON MT. SAN ANTONIO – otherwise known as MT. BALDY – IN CALIFORNIA’S SAN GABRIEL MOUNTAINS, this is a powerful (+ fun!) program created for anyone looking to live with freedom, choice, peace … and those ready to let go of limiting beliefs! There are five recordings with worksheets that guide you through the process of self exploration + learning, each filmed at different locations on the mountain. You will view a waterfall (which we canyoneer during retreats!), amazing vistas, bugs flying in front of the camera, you will hear birds singing, a rock slide in module two + we end this program on the summit of the mountain! This program is great not only for adults, but TEENS, TOO!

“Personal development work not only transforms you – it changes patterns of behavior passed on through generations. In return, you create a healthier future for all of those special people in your life.”  –  Sara Schulting-Kranz

With that, I simply want to extend my deepest gratitude to each one of you for the support, love, encouragement + for sharing your thoughts with me. Please, if you feel called to do so, pass along my podcast link, website, social media links or posts with others you feel could benefit. And please, continue to follow along as my book will be released on November 10th, 2020 by HarperHorizon!

You are Worth(y of) It.

Love from me to you,



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