Advanced Adulting: Navigate the Shifts and Changes of Midlife

We speak about the midlife phenomenon of looking up and wondering, “How did I get here?” Bradley speaks from his experience of coaching ‘grown-ass’ adults navigate the shifts and changes of midlife.

adults navigate the shifts and changes of midlife.

Bradley Richardson - Advanced Adulting in midlife

Advanced Adulting: Helping “Grown Ass” Adults Navigate the Shifts and Changes of Midlife

Bradley Richardson is the creator of Advanced Adulting, where he coaches and creates content to help “grown ass” adults navigate the shifts and changes of midlife.

He is a 5x best-selling author, speaker, coach, and executive who has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, on Good Morning America, NPR, and more.

A fifty-something, 5th Generation Texan, and single father of 3 grown kids, he lives in Dallas, Texas.


Hello, everyone! Bradley Richardson is on today’s show. Today, we talk about the concept of Advanced Adulting, letting go of societal expectations, the lost art of leading, safety and security, how to guide your partner, fixing your picker, and get Bradley’s advice to middle-aged adults.

Let’s dive in!

In this Episode you’ll learn:

  • [08:20] A bit about Bradley.
  • [09:46] Bradley’s main message: Advanced Adulting.
  • [16:06] Relationships and expectations.
  • [19:33] How has Bradley’s life changed since releasing the expectations?
  • [23:44] The male perspective.
  • [27:43] The lost art of leading.
  • [34:22] Feeling safe and secure.
  • [41:03] Guiding our partners.
  • [44:43] How to fix your picker.
  • [57:52] A healthy level of “this is how I am.”
  • [63:56] Bradley’s advice to a middle-aged adult.


  • “How people live their lives behind closed doors can sometimes be so different from how they present themselves in the real world.” [14:23]
  • “You don’t have to stay there. It’s temporary.” [18:54]
  • “You being your most authentic self is the most attractive, hot, wonderful, magnetic thing possible.” [21:29]
  • “Leading is a lost art.” [26:22]
  • “In the absence of leadership, nothing exists.” [30:02]
  • “Money doesn’t mean safety.” [37:06]
  • “If you give it time, it will come back around.” [43:26]
  • “At this age, we are all used cars.” [64:15]

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