Sean shares his story of recovery from trauma after suffering a stroke and brain injury. He spotlights his personal mantra: I can, I shall, I will and the power of believing that nothing is impossible.

Sean Entin - Recovery From Trauma - Live Boldly Podcast with Sara Schulting Kranz

Driving Force Behind Recovery From Brain Injury

Sean Entin was a successful entrepreneur who suddenly had a stroke when he was 39 years old. After many surgeries, doctors told him he would never walk, talk, drive, or be independent again. It has been 10 years since he had his stroke, and he has not only regained his independence — in his recovery process — Sean became the StrokeHacker; learning how the brain works and what it takes to make it better.

His mantra “I can, I shall, I will” helped him through the most difficult times in his life. That knowledge allowed him to teach thousands of people how to do the same.

He is currently a survivor coach, podcast host, and founder of the StrokeHacker Community.



Hello, everyone! Sean Entin is on today’s show. Today, we talk about how Sean’s life changed since his events, his near-death experience, working through hopelessness, restarting at the age of 40, being selfless, and the importance of learning to surrender.

Let’s dive in!

In this Episode you’ll learn:

  • [07:32] How we met.
  • [09:53] Who was Sean pre-events.
  • [22:10] Sean’s out-of-body experience.
  • [35:24] What held him here?
  • [42:21] Sean’s trauma.
  • [54:21] Hopelessness.
  • [58:17] How Sean’s space changed.
  • [63:14] How Sean’s family is doing.
  • [68:02] Restarting at 40.
  • [77:09] Sean’s family’s survival story.
  • [80:08] Being superhumans.
  • [85:43] The ‘trauma’ word.
  • [90:01] Is Sara today able to love and be loved?
  • [93:34] Learning how to surrender.
  • [94:43] Sean’s words of wisdom.
  • [97:29] Where is Sean at today?



  • “The word ‘impossible’ only means ‘I am possible’.” [56:56]
  • “You don’t know what life is until you incur enough pain.” [71:17]
  • “We’re here for a reason.” [80:34]
  • “Walk towards your fear.” [94:59]


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