I create programs with you in mind. My goal is for you to retreat from everyday life and circumstances, and create opportunities to find peace, clarity and transform.

Experience the transcendent quality that healing in nature affords, foster new friendships, and cultivate lasting memories. Through the supportive group coaching process, you share your life story with other people who “get you” and understand what you are going through. Likewise, you will connect and learn from other people’s experiences.

Combining coaching and hiking in nature has a rich history of being a powerful and transformative tool.

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Co-Ed Breakthrough Coaching Journey

December 22 - December 27

Full program dates
11/15/2020 - 1/15/2021

Co-Ed Breakthrough Coaching Journey

January 14, 2021 - January 19, 2021

Full program dates
12/15/2020 - 2/15/2021

Co-Ed Breakthrough Coaching Journey

July 2, 2021 - July 6, 2021

Full program dates
6/15/2021- 8/7/2021

Co-Ed Breakthrough Coaching Journey

October 25, 2021 - October 29, 2021

Full program dates
9/25/2021 - 11/25/2021

“When I took Sara’s program, I didn’t really think I needed life coaching. I just thought I’d enjoy a hike in the Grand Canyon. Little did I know that the life coaching combined with the hike would have such a profound effect on my life. I had an epiphany during the hike where I could see my whole life change in ways I never imagined. Fear, insecurity, self-doubt…gone. Replaced with love and gratitude. Sara is smart, dedicated, kind, and intuitive, and she is nothing less than a miracle worker. I would highly recommend her program, especially to people like me who think they don’t need it.”

–Marci Klein
Producer | Director | Writer | Business Owner



💫We create a more loving existence + world when AWARE.

Be aware of your thoughts.
Your actions.
Be aware of your attitude + emotions.
Be aware of who you gift your energy to.
And who takes your energy without permission.
Be aware of how you speak to others.
But first, be aware of how you speak to YOURSELF.
Be aware of who you shut out.
And be aware of who you LET IN.
Be aware of your beating heart.
Your flaming soul.
Your wise mind.
Your beautiful body.
And .. your irreplaceable life.

In awareness .. we are grateful. And there’s no better moment to be grateful for YOU than the present moment you are in.


You are worthy.
You are loved.
You matter.

Tag someone you are thinking about in this very moment .. let’s PLEASE be aware of one another.

I love you.
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I was floating on my paddle board miles offshore yesterday while talking on the phone with my father. (I know, that alone sounds crazy!)

He asked the usual question, "How are book sales going?"

I paused for a moment + said, "Good, dad. I'm working on getting these into as many hands as possible. It would be easier if I was a big fish in a small pond, but hey. Every step, right?"

He responded, "Well, you aren't a small fish in a big pond, Sara. And (gasp) YOU CAN’T BE ON A SUMMIT WITHOUT THE CLIMB."

Wise words, dad. Wise words.

There are days that we forget to slow down + appreciate how far we have come. Me, included. I see what is possible in this world + my exuberance drives me to get there. Not only for me, but for all of those people who I feel my book + projects will help. It's a yearning + calling, really. A calling to look into another persons heart + soul through the words on a page and have them understand YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Your struggles are real. Your hurt is valid. And your pain will only define you if steps aren't taken to release what is holding you back and receive what is possible in your lifetime.

As we enter the week of Thanksgiving, most will say, "Sit in gratitude."

I'd like to say, "Practice self compassion this week."

As we take steps to love ourselves more deeply, to practice unconditional worthiness for our heart + soul, we begin to feel more self-gratitude for our own lives in this moment. For the cup of coffee you hold in the morning. The apple you bite into for a snack. For your feet sinking into the earth + for the smile you witness take hold on a strangers face.

This world needs so much compassion + love at this time. By starting with each one of us, we spread to one another.

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Also: ONE SPOT REMAINS for Christmas in the Canyon! Say YES to you + join an amazing group of humans on this retreat .. don’t  miss out!

Let’s Walk Through This together.