If you see me on the #trail , hit me up for some @greensplus #glutenfree , #organic , #nongmo bars! As someone who has eaten hundreds of #trailbars , I can honestly say that these are amazing! Honored to be an Ambassador Athlete in the Greens Plus Community

I am an Adventurer at Heart with a devotion to the shape-shifting effects of nature on our mind, body and soul. My biggest passions are summiting the tallest mountains, ultra marathon trail running and stand up paddling 4-20 miles deep into the Pacific Ocean.

As a trailblazing survivor of multiple traumas in my own life, I founded Live Boldly Coaching, LLC at the age of 40 years old as a single mom of three sons and became the first Co-Active Professional Life and Leadership Coach, Wilderness First Responder and Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model trained coach to take individuals on coaching, hiking, meditation and yoga retreats in the Grand Canyon and throughout Southern California. Now 44 years old, I am also a speaker, writer and a woman who believes in Truth, Inspiration and Hope in Life. Brands should sponsor me because I represent the athlete-mom that believes we ALL have the Power within to become our Best Self and Live Life Boldly. Age nor gender matters. I Summit every Peak and put on my Red Stilettos as a sign of Femininity and Strength. Red represents courage, power, determination as well as passion, desire and love. “You can embrace, love and honor all sides of yourself.” xo Sara

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