I text messaged with a friend this week and the conversation went something like this:

Me: I’ll be ur reminder to hit the trail, water, enjoy life. Ur worthy of a vacation!

Friend: You rock.

Me: Why?

Friend: Because of your never ending ability to make dreams come true.

Me: I believe the first step to make any dreams come true is fully + deeply realizing your worthiness of receiving them.

This exchange happened as I was heading out the door for a trail run. Sometimes I write so quickly, that afterwards I sit back and give it a, “WHOA.”

This was one of those times.

“The first step to make any dreams come true is fully + deeply realizing your worthiness of receiving them.”

Friends, take that in. Breathe in the words. Right there.

After writing that statement, I realized that for many, many years, my dreams were not coming true because I had not fully realized my worthiness of receiving! Say what? There were many times when I second-guessed my goals, handed away my power, or excused myself for not achieving what quite simply, was possible!

It had NOTHING to do with not being able to achieve. It had everything to do with not being READY to RECEIVE!

We do the deep work on ourselves to step out of the stuck and into the dreams! To own who we are, live in our Purpose, and create change – however big or small – in the world around us. We do the work to find JOY and PEACE, LOVE and SERENITY, HAPPINESS and FREEDOM.

During my own transformation in life, I have lived by three important words that have given me the courage to step into self worth. As I head into the Grand Canyon this week, guiding an amazing group of men + women, I’m holding these three words close to my heart for all of you who are ready to RECEIVE.

Are you ready? Grab yourself a piece of paper and write these down. Tape them around your home, in your car, or better yet – make them your screensaver on your phone. Here we go!

TRUTH: Always having truth and being honest with yourself. Giving truth and honesty to others. And when in conversation with others, only allowing truth to land when receiving. Do not accept anything but truth! Truth leads to authenticity.

INSPIRATION: Leading a life where you feel inspired on a daily basis, if even for a moment! There is nothing quite like feeling inspired to live. I feel inspired in nature, with the little (and big!) things around me. From butterflies to whales, nature is where my creative thoughts land and where I realize how worthy I am of receiving.

HOPE: Oh, hope! I had no idea how important hope was until I was left with only a small spec of it. Feeding that little spec of hope is what brought me to where I am today. With hope, dreams are able to come true!

Self worth is a beautiful piece to own and honor! We all have it within us. And my hope for all of you, from this moment forward, is to realize how worthy you are in life – of all your dreams!

So much love + positivity – from me to you – as I walk the Canyon trails this week for all of us!



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