I share a story about one of my many adventures in the Grand Canyon and how the power of saying yes can transform the expected into the extraordinary.

The Power of Saying Yes - Live Boldly with Sara Schulting Kranz Podcast

The Power of Saying Yes

I believe the first step to making any dreams come true is fully and deeply realizing your worthiness of receiving them and SAYING YES to them. 

Take that in .. Breathe in those words.⁠ 

For many, many years, my dreams were not coming true because I had not fully accepted my worthiness and committed myself to them. I hadn’t been able to say yes to those dreams that had been calling to my heart and soul. 

There were so many times when I second-guessed how things were going to unfold, and in the process of holding back, I handed away my power and abandoned my ambition to achieve my dreams. 

All because I couldn’t say yes to the risk of putting myself out there and being TEMPORARILY uncomfortable in the life I wanted to live. 

It had NOTHING to do with not being able to achieve my dreams. It had everything to do with not being READY to receive and SAYING YES to me! 

During my own transformation in life, I have learned that the first and only person who has to give me permission to live the life I want is ME! 

If this sounds familiar to you, please listen to this week’s episode of the Live Boldly podcast.

In this episode, I share a story from the Grand Canyon that shows what is possible when you set aside your fears and say yes to what is calling you. 

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