I love my birthdays. Always have. 

I love celebrating life. Always have.

Even though I’ve lived through so much turmoil, pain, and dark times .. aging is something I have always embraced.

Leading a group of women through a retreat last weekend in the San Juan mountains, a client asked me, “How can you be so excited about aging?”

That question got me thinking.

So, this week, I’m sharing my secrets. My secrets of happiness. Why I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about this next decade. Perspective shifts that hopefully will help you get excited about aging, too.


We all search for “belonging” in life. And embracing who we are because we’ve lived through so much, gives us this sense of belonging wherever we are at this very moment.

Notice the one white flower in a field of purple. Be that one flower that stands out. This is what it is to bravely BE YOU. 

How incredible is that?👆

Love your life. Live it boldly. 

At 40, my life imploded. Heading into divorce, lost, confused, and a single mom.

Today, turning 50, I’m happier than ever. A businesswoman, speaker, and author.

The wisdom I’ve gained is insurmountable.

>> Secret Number Two: THE GIFT OF AGING IS WISDOM.

The best people to seek advice from are those who have lived it. This is YOU.

I’ve always loved sitting with the elderly, having deep conversations about life. Asking hard questions that we seek answers to.

You see, aging is a gift. With this gift, we are all becoming walking encyclopedias for our younger generations. Walking the journey to share what we’ve learned.

That’s quite the perspective shift, don’t you think?

LISTEN. You are being guided. 

At 10:30 pm Tuesday night, we got a flat tire on the I-90 in Wyoming going to my birthday celebration.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming under the Supermoon, my tire imploded. Me, my son, and our 3-legged dog are in the car, road-tripping to Minnesota for my celebration with family.

My son looked at me and asked, “What are we going to do?” I said… Pray. He asked me, “No, seriously mom?” And I looked at him and said, “That’s exactly what we’re gonna do. Say a few prayers, and watch it unfold.”

And then I told him it will all work out as intended.

We all get so stuck in the control space of life. In the, “Why did this happen? Why now?” Can you relate?

>> Secret Number Three: LISTEN.

For me… every situation, hard or not, an inconvenience or not, I’m reminded that it’s all unfolding for me. LISTEN. You are being guided.

Turns out I had two bald tires on my car as well that were overlooked by the dealership the day before I left! Who knows what could’ve happened if I hadn’t had my tire blow and 4-new ones put on?

And, I’m reminded of how incredible humans are. I’ve met the nicest people – with the greatest customer service and human service – since this happened.

Debbie, in this picture, was taking the cones down from the construction area where this happened. She stopped to help me and kept an eye on us while waiting for help.

Cyril awoke from bed to fix my tire. Thank you, AAA!

Lance pulled over to make sure we were ok and directed us to the greatest 24-hour taco place. Which happened to be next door to the hotel where they had one room left.

And then there was the woman who stopped her Suburban filled with family to see if we needed help. Her husband woke from the back seat and gladly offered.

Lastly, Kris from Tire Horn put 4-new tires on my car. He had my Angel numbers tattooed on his arm: 444. His motto: > Fo(u)r better > Fo(u)r worse > Fo(u)ever 

So much gratitude for good people.

And my son learned many lessons, as well.

The best one being, “Respond, don’t react. Trust life. Trust the Universe. And laugh more.”

>> Secret Number Four: SETTLING IS NOT AN OPTION.

Certainly, not as I’m aging. Through our hard experiences in life, we find where – and for whom – we are willing to compromise.

One thing aging has taught me is that I’ll never settle again. Ever.

Life is short. Let’s not waste time on what doesn’t fill our souls .. And let’s only gift our time with what does.

My 40s were some of the most difficult and exhilarating years of my life. 

Divorce .. Loss of what I thought to be real and true.  

Single mom, no career, no direction. 

Healing .. Growing .. Learning who I am and what I’m capable of. This is the gift of hard times. 

Adventuring .. Climbing in business and personal. 

Taking risks .. Falling .. Failing .. Getting up stronger than my last step. 

Finding my voice .. Using my voice .. Speaking on the TEDx stage .. Publishing my book with Harper Horizon. 

Guiding clients through the Grand Canyon and Alaska. 

End of friendships .. New friendships. 

Losing my mom. July 6th, 2022. The most difficult day of this decade. 

Dating. Scary sh#t for someone who had never dated. 

Trusting again. 

Loving .. Laughing .. Living. 

Loss of trust. 

Not letting an experience with another human define all other humans. 

Breakups .. Hard lessons. Again. 

Seeing patterns .. Changing patterns. 

Sharing with clients .. Watching clients learn, grow, and step into the best years of their lives. 

Adventure! Lots of adventure. 

Spending a night in the wilderness .. To hiking the John Muir Trail for 22 days .. And then, way-pointing through the Sierra High Route, the most dangerous route in the United States. 

No trail .. Blazing your own. 

Learning how to settle into a new form of healthy. 

Letting go .. Happy .. Free .. Belonging .. And.. triumphant on the other side, baby. Personal and professional triumph on the other side. 

Day 1 of Decade 6. Let’s go. 🎉

Today – I know .. like, I KNOW – what I will, and won’t, accept in my life. Took me a bit, as it does for some of us, and when we finally get there… it’s pure freedom and joy. Proud moments. And lessons to share with others.

>> Secret Number 5: Everything we go through becomes good when we learn, do differently, forgive ourselves, and use it to help others.

Only accept real, honest, healthy intimacy and love. From yourself, and others. Respect. Integrity. A values-driven life.

If you’re in a tough spot today, keep walking. I promise, you’ve got this.

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