We ALL have Dreams in Life!

What is yours?

THREE YEARS. I have been running Transformational Grand Canyon Retreats for three years. To even put this into words is mind-blowing! I began these for men + women ready to up-level, transform, be inspired + heal the core of who they are as humans.

I began these to create COMMUNITY + CONNECTION.

For the longest time in my life, I felt as though I was alone. That no one could possibly understand what was happening in my life.

But the bottom line is: I wasn’t. There was a whole community of people that had been going through exactly what I had been! How did I not know this?

So when I decided to use my knowledge + experience to create a business, I chose two words that would be the foundation: COMMUNITY + CONNECTION.

My Goal was to go big and guide others through the Grand Canyon, creating community + connection in the process.

And here we are, three years later.

Sara Schulting-Kranz and group in the Grand Canyon

Every time I head into the Grand Canyon, I feel the support of those who have transformed on retreats in the past. I carry their smiles, tears, laughter + stories in my heart + soul. Sometimes I share with current clients, so they, too, feel the connection of those who have walked the same trails.

I have since created a Facebook page for those who have gone on these retreats in the Past, Present + will in the Future. People from all over the USA + Canada who have shared a common experience and are now friends because of it. We continue to uplift one another in our conversations… it’s so cool to be a part of!

I have more goals in the works, yes. To create Community + Connection through online programs, a podcast, film, book + a few other ways that you will shorty find out about!

Friends, the Possibilities in Life are Endless.

You simply have to believe, taking a step every day into the direction of your dream.

Today, as I head to the Grand Canyon for another Epic Transformational Retreat, I ask you:


Go big, Friend!

Put it out there.

It’s a NEW MOON on Friday, a great time for setting New Intentions!

I’ll hear your dreams and carry them with me through all 20+ miles in the GC.

Please, believe in you.

You are worthy. And your dreams are worthy, too!



>If you are ready for 1:1 Coaching or to join us on an Epic Grand Canyon Retreat, please reach out! We are now filling for July 18-22nd, 2019!

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