The (New) Art of Resilience:

An empowering approach to rising
from life’s most difficult challenges and traumas

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We all know that challenges happen. 

And when they do, we have a choice:

to fall victim to our circumstances, or to rise and become a better version of self.

The question is in the how. 

How do we find direction, feel supported and connected, create change, and experience happiness on the other side of our challenges and traumas?

I understand this pain point far too well. 

Through my own setbacks, I learned the key to moving forward is in resilience.

Refusing to let my environment and circumstances take me down, I climbed mountains and paddled with whales in the Pacific Ocean while doing a lot of deep personal and self-leadership work. What I found were answers. 

Now, as a charismatic storyteller, speaker, coach and wilderness guide, I use personal experience and a custom framework to teach clients the art of transforming their most painful challenges and trauma into their greatest asset. Full bio: Sara Schulting Kranz

The (New) Art of Resilience: An empowering approach to rising from life’s most difficult challenges and traumas

In this powerful, new talk, Sara teaches us how to build emotional and mental resilience, push through limiting beliefs, and thrive in a world filled with obstacles, challenges, and trauma.

As a 17-year-old single mom facing judgment as a sexual assault victim, to redirecting her life again at 40 after discovering her husband’s double life, Sara was inspired to rise.   

Using a framework developed from her 32-year resilience journey, Sara teaches her clients and audience how to transform their most painful challenges and trauma into their greatest asset. And what happens as a result? Everything. From better relationships to stronger teams, empowered employees, and happier homes.

Sara uses powerful visuals from climbing some of the most challenging backcountry routes and mountains in the United States, bringing unique wit, humor, and storytelling to share her journey and forge powerful transformations. 

The audience will leave with:

  • An important framework to guide anyone from being a victim, to becoming a survivor, to thriving in life.
  • Practical tools to regulate emotions, and build emotional and mental resilience.
  • Effective leadership tools to guide individuals and teams through difficult times.
  • A clear vision of how to transform setbacks into strength while embracing disruption and change.

Who is perfect for this keynote:

  • Executives and organizations responsible for inspiring and empowering individuals and teams to be adaptable and resilient through change.
  • Human resources and leaders responsible for bringing whole-human wellness to the workplace.
  • Conference organizers who are looking for an authentic, vulnerable speaker who shares her difficult and adventurous story with laughter, wit, and strength.
  • Organizations destined to learn from a small-town-girl turned business woman and author who has “walked the talk,” because she believes and lives in what she speaks about.

“A charismatic storyteller, speaker, coach and wilderness guide, Sara Schulting-Kranz dedicates her life to unlocking the highest potential of individuals on a journey of betterment.

She is convicted in her belief of the healing qualities of nature and time spent outdoors and has built her life and business around these principles.

Whether speaking, coaching, guiding or podcasting, Sara inspires us all to explore those self-limiting patterns and beliefs.

She is invested in ensuring her clients’ understanding of elements that are impeding the best versions of themselves; ultimately creating clarity about what is possible.

Sara lives life to the fullest and inspires others to do the same.”

– Joan McGrail, Chief Human Resources Officer, New Balance

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32-years od walking in truth, Sara has built a successful business sharing her own fool-proof and simple techniques, teaching actionable steps to become more resiliency, and to use resiliency as the foundation for living authentically.

Our whole human wellness, and success in business and live, depends on it..

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