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a sought-after teacher, retreat organizer and keynote speaker who shares her real-life experiences of overcoming setbacks and transforming difficult situations into our greatest strengths.

Using a workable 3-part system, I guide individuals and teams to move from

Victim  Survivor  Thriver. In life. At work. In business.

Through my own fool-proof and simple techniques, I teach actionable steps to become more resilient, and to use resiliency as the foundation for living authentically.

“Your experiences don’t own you. You own your experiences.”

Joan McGrail

“A charismatic storyteller, speaker, coach and wilderness guide, Sara Schulting-Kranz dedicates her life to unlocking the highest potential of individuals on a journey of betterment.”

Joan McGrail – Chief Human Resources Officer, New Balance

My Book: Walk Through This

Hit the trail with Sara Schulting Kranz, life coach and certified wilderness guide, as she shares her story of forgiveness and healing, and provides a path forward for those who have suffered setbacks or trauma.


I’m here to guide and walk beside you every step of the way! Through upcoming retreats in 2023, speaking events, or individual 1:1 coaching, please complete the form and let’s schedule a call to meet your needs. Let’s do this!

“Sara provides skilled leadership and professionalism in her work. She is a testament to how the human mind and body can be empowered to overcome trauma, accomplish goals in life or work, and find what it is to reconnect with what’s truly important. Sara has mastered a formula that works, from victim to survivor to thriver. We are all living in precarious times, and it’s important to stay grounded while always being challenged to soar. This is what Sara Schulting Kranz is able to do… produce life changing experiences with enthusiastic ease.”

Bonnie Solloway - writer & producer


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Sara Schulting Kranz




What my children have taught me. A message for new moms and dads everywhere:

Soak in your babies.
Love your children unconditionally and without judgment.
Gaze at them in wonder and remember that with every passing moment, they are getting older.
Hug your child.
Kiss your child.
And always find nights to wander into their room to watch them sleep. There is nothing more beautiful. Even when they are late teens and adults. 
Let the dishes go.
Don’t worry about the laundry.
Those windows with fingerprints? It’s called child’s art.
If the house doesn’t get clean or if those errands don’t get run, please don’t fret. Time with your child is far more important.. and there’s always tomorrow for what didn’t get done today.
Play big with your child!
Jump in puddles beside them.
Have a food fight at least once.
Be a part of their nerf gun fights.
Dance out loud together to their music, not only your own!
Let them stand in line at midnight for a new release of a book.
Or take them to a midnight movie and skip first hour the next day.
Let them skin their knees, fail, and figure out their own mistakes.
Don’t solve all of their problems for them.
Those LEGO’s you’re stepping on? Some day you will miss it. Trust me.
Teach them how to do house chores early in life. And expect a few dishes to get broken, toilets to get clogged, clothes to get ruined, and messes to get cleaned up as they’re learning.
Support your child’s crazy and outlandish ideas. You never know where they may lead to.
Always be age appropriate honest with your child. Never lie.
Have open conversations and invite questions.
Let them be who they are, not who you think they should be.
And by all means, when they call you out of the blue and ask, “Hey mom or dad, can you ... (?)” and you frustratingly role your eyes, just stop and remember that someday you’ll wish for that call again.
They grow up so fast.
How did this happen? And where did the time go?
There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for my three sons. Ever.

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DO NOT MISS OUT. Climbing mountains has taught me to listen. I feel close to God when I’m out there. To the Universe. To my mom. To my past, PRESENT, and ultimately.. my future. It’s the steps that we have taken to get us to the peaks in life. It’s the present moment of where our feet currently lie, grounded in this earth. To me, the mountains represent our future. This ability to overcome what lies in our path. This willingness to face our fears, thrust our faith ahead of our ego, and trust our human ability. It’s about seeing what we are capable of: mind, body, spirit.

Recently, I’ve felt this desire to climb higher. Never would I ever have imagined this flame inside of me. Perhaps it was lying dormant these past 49 years, until this new decade that’s ahead of me. What began as a decade of sadness and trauma at 40, is closing in hope, peace, and joy.

That said, I’ve wondered: Am I being selfish by climbing mountains? The risk of what I do, because I have kids? And I always come home to: NO. Parents model for their kids. What it is to be healthy, and not. Every risk I’ve taken in life has been for health, wellness, and my desire to grow. Though I’ve made many, many mistakes as a mom (who hasn’t?), we choose to risk by honoring our values (adventure, love, passion, purpose), or we risk losing who we are by dishonoring our values through dishonesty, betrayals, addictions, etc.

CHOICE. Living is about choice.

When life hands you hard times, use what’s happened to become who you were intended all along. Don’t let the storm flood your boat. Instead, put up your sail and ride the wind. The waves. The current. You never know where you will land.

I don’t watch tv, but last week I watched the documentary “14 Peaks.” Already feeling inspired to climb higher, I announced to my dad, uncle, and sons that Nepal awaits. I want to climb a bigger mountain. Yesterday, when I reached the top of Mt. Baldy, there were flags that represent the Himalayas. A sign? YES. I believe so.

LISTEN and you are guided.

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Life is full of obstacles, setbacks, and traumas that we all experience at some point. ⁠
I know this firsthand, having lived through some of life's most challenging moments. Betrayals, loss, divorce, pain, hardship - these are the traumas that people seldom talk about, but so many of us are going through. ⁠
While my battle scars may not be visible on the outside, those closest to me know they will never fully heal. And that's okay with me.⁠
Through it all, I have learned the true meaning of resilience - the power to rise up, time and time again, as a new and stronger version of myself. And I want you to know that you're capable of doing the same.⁠
Want to learn more? My book tells the story of my journey.. a journey of hope and healing that honors the strength and beauty in all of us. It's a story of finding the delicate yet strong golden threads that run through our lives, weaving together our experiences to create something beautiful.⁠
So to all of my friends out there who are struggling, remember this: It is through our breakdowns that we have our greatest breakthroughs.⁠
You have the power to rise up and create a new version of yourself - one you love, one you embrace, and one that is stronger than before.⁠
Rise in beauty, my friends. ⁠
I love you. I see you. And I believe in you / us. ⁠
Thank you for being here.⁠
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LET’S GIVE ♥️ to all kids of single parent households, and to all single parents:

It’s not easy. And you’re all doing an amazing job.

Please tag your single parent friends and their kids below.

I love you. 

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Resilience means walking away because you love yourself more.⁠
When you walk away...⁠
You break patterns of your past.⁠
You begin to realize that it takes courage and bravery to make this choice!⁠
You learn so much more about your needs.⁠
You become stronger and more resilient in who you are as a human.⁠
I know what is right for me.. So when I choose to walk away from relationships, jobs, or any experience that isn’t healthy for me, it's always in truth, integrity, and love for self.⁠
We call this "detaching with love," a core component of codependency recovery.⁠
One person cannot repair what it takes two people to work on, so quit trying.⁠
By constantly fixing others' mistakes, you're sabotaging their life lessons and responsibility for their actions, while dismissing your own life in the process.⁠
Detaching with love gives the situation or person space to find who they are, while giving yourself space to BE who you are.⁠
So to all of you who have walked away from someone or something in your past, I honor your strength!⁠
I commend your resilience and love for yourself.⁠
And I walk with you in choosing you every damn time.⁠
I love you and I believe in you / us.. Always. ⁠
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