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a keynote speaker, extreme adventurer, best-selling author, artist, sought-after retreat organizer, and single mom of three sons. I began my thought-leadership in making bold moves when I hit rock bottom, facing C-PTSD and trauma, in 2013. This was a pivotal time in my life. I quickly found that change is constant, but few really know how to bravely navigate and lean into the gifts that come with change.

With no one to turn to, I set out to navigate my change in the most unconventional way. I grabbed my paddle board and paddled the Pacific Ocean miles out to sea with whales and dolphins. I blazed trails through mountain peaks and canyons, climbing for multiple days.

What happened? I found the woman and leader who stands before you.

For 32-years, I’ve been diving into personal development, mental and emotional resilience, healing, and research. Through this work, I have distilled 5-key components to boldly making moves when faced with constant change. We use these key components when guiding clients on life-altering journeys of hiking, kayaking, and coaching through the Grand Canyon, Alaska, and Colorado. 

And now, I share them with organizations, businesses, and all of you.

What’s really cool? They work. 

To rise higher than we think we are capable of, we have to commit more deeply than we ever have before.

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A charismatic storyteller, speaker, coach and wilderness guide, Sara Schulting Kranz dedicates her life to unlocking the highest potential of individuals on a journey of betterment.

Joan McGrail – Chief Human Resources Officer, New Balance

My Book: Walk Through This

Hit the trail with Sara Schulting Kranz, keynote speaker, adventurer, coach, and wilderness guide, as she shares her traumatic, bold, and unconventional story of turning her C-PTSD and setbacks into her greatest strengths.


I’m here to guide and walk beside you every step of the way! Through upcoming retreats in 2023, speaking events, or individual 1:1 coaching, please complete the form and let’s schedule a call to meet your needs. Let’s do this!

Sara provides skilled leadership and professionalism in her work. She is a testament to how the human mind and body can be empowered to overcome trauma, accomplish goals in life or work, and find what it is to reconnect with what’s truly important. Sara has mastered a formula that works. We are all living in precarious times, and it’s important to stay grounded while always being challenged to soar. This is what Sara Schulting Kranz is able to do… produce life changing experiences with enthusiastic ease.

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Sara Schulting Kranz




Stealing a great quote from my middle sons speech he delivered last evening at the NCAA water polo banquet. 

As we head into the last month of 2023, and visualize our 2024, a reminder:

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”

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How will you have new experiences unless you put yourself in places you’ve never been? I wasn’t expecting to paddle 7-miles last evening. But that epic sunset and incredible full moon kept me going. I didn’t want to leave, so I stayed out there. 

One thing I do is try my hardest to always keep my word. So when I FaceTimed a client from 3.5 miles offshore under full moonlight and my headlamp shining on me, she laughed.

As I told my dad, “One experience can lift you for an eternity.”

Make Bold Moves .. live like you’ve never lived before. 

Did you view that epic full moon last evening?👇

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THE MAN. THE BOLD LEGEND. It was 120 degrees. I was hiking the Grand Canyon for the first time with my uncle. DEATHLY sick with a digestive bug, I swore I’d never return! And now? I lead retreats there. 

I owe so much to my 85 year old uncle. Today, we climbed together. And, as always, he beat me to the summit. 😂

Me? I got to the top, laid down, pulled out Halloween candy, and listened to his stories. He told me the names of the peaks. 

I smiled because if it weren’t for his patience and guidance, I’d have given up on myself that first time I climbed the canyon back in 2009. 

The thing is, we learn more from our hard moments than our happiest times. So lean in, learn from what you’re capable of, and enjoy this ride of life. 


>> Patience is key. You’ve never had this very moment, so embrace it. 
>> Lean into those that support you. 
>> Push yourself when it gets hard, because you can go further than you realize. 

And.. I still love Snickers over all else.
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The most vulnerable emotion we feel is JOY. Be vulnerable and authentic with who you are, and joy will follow.

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Don’t forget to turn and see how far you have come! Looking back, it’s hard to believe how far WE have come.😭

I don’t want to use my space to talk about that. I just want you to experience what it is to MAKE BOLD MOVES in all of your lives. 

IF YOU ARE FINALLY READY to make your boldest move yet and find what you are capable of.. If you are willing to commit to you.. If you are ready to make the change you have always wanted to make.. 

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Is this our last one? Possibly.

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