Hi, I’m Sara Schulting Kranz

I’m a proud mom to 3 wonderful young men, a business owner, a mountain and ocean adventurer, an artist, and a former teacher. At my core, I am not much different than any of you. What and who I have become is a resilient woman and person, who survived and thrived from multiple traumas, now finding herself in this space. And this is exactly where I was meant to be.

Nearly nine years ago, I was at the lowest point in my life. Suffering from relational and betrayal trauma and complex-PTSD, I was debilitated by the unknown as my marriage and life collapsed, living as a single mom. Emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically unraveling, I found myself at a precipice: I could lose my life through all of this, or find a new me. My resilient self chose the latter.

I made a point everyday of getting outside, navigating through anger, pain, and grief while hiking 14,000 ft mountains and paddling 4-miles out to sea with whales and dolphins. I somatically healed my heart, mind, and body through naturewhile practicing the art of resiliency and forgiveness. As a result, I began finding that new me. A version of me with a larger smile, a longer laugh, and a love for her present life. The gift of my trauma was finding my most important relationship: the one within myself.

My trauma became my purpose: to help others embrace their resiliency. Using those experiences and understanding my purpose, I became a keynote speaker, author, TEDx speaker, retreat organizer/facilitator for transformational experiences.

Using a workable 3-part system, I guide individuals and teams to move from victim → survivor → thriver. In life. At work. In business.

You could say I’m an “artistic visionary who creates through a lens of pushing the needle forward, regardless of naysayers or fear.” Through my own fool-proof and simple techniques, I teach actionable steps to become more resilient, and to use resiliency as the foundation for living authentically.

Our world continues to go through crises, with no end in sight. I want this practice of overcoming and thriving to be available for everyone. For you. For your family. For your friends. Your colleagues. Because, the stronger and more resilient the parts, the greater and more resilient as a whole.

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Sara Schulting Kranz
Sara Schulting Kranz
Sara Schulting Kranz
Sara Schulting Kranz


I was constantly being questioned how a mom of three boys could reinvent her life at 40 years of age, guiding and coaching others in the Grand Canyon/Wilderness. At the same time, my femininity was being questioned as I was exiting a marriage where my husband is gay.

Though seen as strong, I wasn’t always seen as feminine … which stung.

At my Core, I am Pure Woman. I am also an Adventurer at Heart.

I decided that I wanted a symbol, something for me, which would show the world that a woman does not have to be put in a box. I wanted to show that we can do our nails and summit a peak on the exact same day. We can hike trails, climb boulders and still come home to put on a dress and heels. We can embrace, love and honor all sides of ourselves.

It came to me one day while running. “I will buy a pair of red stilettos and wear them on the peak of Mt. Baldy…for me.” I posted my picture on social media and the response was surreal. Through that one picture, a message was also posted to the Universe… that women CAN be Strong and Feminine.

My heels have seen Peaks throughout Yosemite, Mt. Wilson, Cucamonga Peak, Mt. Baldy, San Jacinto, San Bernardino Peak, San Gorgonio, the High Sierra Trail, Mt. Whitney … and many, many others.

Red represents courage, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. I will never stop embracing me…

Hopefully these red heels give you the courage to do the same.

Sara Schulting Kranz in red shoes
Sara Schulting Kranz in red shoes



Not all trauma survivors have visible scars. (Sit with that.. ⬇️)

At dinner last evening with @seanentin and @zenwarriortraining Sam Morris, talking about life experiences, it hit me that if there were 💯 people who look just like me in a room, would you know they are trauma survivors? Highly doubtful, unless you started a conversation and asked their story. Even then, it’s easy to gloss over the impact of mental, emotional, and spiritual trauma by the outside appearance of one’s physical being.

I’m crying as my thumbs type these words, because I know so many of you will understand the term “internal scars.”

These two incredible men who were recently plopped into my life (thank you, Angel mama) have reminded me what it is to be seen from the inside out, not the outside in. It’s a lesson in acceptance. In receiving. It’s a lesson in understanding. And of non-judgment and being REAL.

The beautiful part of this work is attracting those who are like-minded and impactful. Who have used what they’ve lived through and are changing others’ lives in the process. They aren’t preaching who they WANT to be. They are preaching who they ARE and ARE BECOMING. If you don’t know either of these men, you want to. Trust me. Sean’s life turned upside down when he had a stroke at 39 years of age and wasn’t expected to live. His story of perseverance is like none-other. And Sam? His tagline Zen Warrior is description enough. Paralyzed from the waste down from a car accident where the driver was drunk, being in conversation with him is like sitting with a true Zen Warrior.

There have been many, many days when I’ve wanted to just stop everything. But why get up every morning and keep going? Because when you do, it’s people like this who are brought into your life.

Please, get to know people’s stories. When you do, you’ll get to know yourself better, too. Slow down. Ask questions. Listen. As Sean said in one of his interviews, “We have two ears and one mouth.” This made me laugh because it’s so true.

We are all mirrors for one another. Remember that.

💯 people in a room, a guarantee that all have scars. Only some are more visible than others.

I love you, too.


Especially at 49 years of age, one thing I’ll never do is pretend to be anything other than who I am. I encourage that of all of you, too.

This is why I started taking videos of me in my moments of frustration while climbing mountains. People see the woman in the dress, fluently speaking. Or they hear me on podcasts. They see pictures of me and hold a vision that it’s all so easy. But I want all of you to see all sides of who I am. I want you to understand that ALL OF THIS is sometimes hard as hell.. life, business, parenting, climbing actual or metaphorical mountains can be hard as hell. Working through it all can be like bushwhacking and climbing without a trail, only waypoints guiding you, while feeling the feels and knowing that you have to do it anyway. You know the summit will bring beautiful views and varying perspectives. You know that your goals, dreams, and desires are worth every hard step. But it doesn’t make it any easier. 

I get it. At 49 years old, a single mom of three sons who’s lived through—and will always be working through—her own journey, I get it.

You.. me.. we want real. We are tired of bullshit. We need to see vulnerability in moments like these, as well as successes. We need leaders to ask questions, to listen, and to have awareness. We need leaders to integrate their learning with ours, and ours with theirs.

So.. watch this to the end. Laugh with me. Feel my pain on this umpteenth day on a 10-day back-country climb through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. And yes, this is why we do all of this. Because we want to learn more deeply about who we are, what’s possible, and how far we can go.

This is what it is to humanize life.. and all of the shit we go through. 

Feel free to share.. I laugh every time I watch this, too. 😂

Join us for a 3-month coaching journey and 6-day retreat in the Grand Canyon over Thanksgiving! I promise you.. it’ll change your life FOREVER.

I’ve got you.


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Double tap if you agree.. ⬇️

  There will:

 .. always be a handful of people to doubt you.

 .. always be people projecting their own insecurities onto your goals and dreams.

 .. always be people who will want you to play small.

  There will also:

 .. always be people who believe in you.

 .. always be people who are rooting for your success in goals and dreams. 

 .. always be people who encourage you to play big.

When the noise gets loud, remember to pause, take a breath, and speak positively and kindly to YOU. There will be days when life is hard. There will be moments when you want to give up! And it’s in those moments of doubt that we need to remember the people who are rooting for us, and pay attention to what words we are speaking to ourselves. 

Every summit in life is worth the climb.

Don’t ever give up.

Link in handle for the last of our Grand Canyon Healing Retreats. 

I believe in you / us.. always.


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🔥 DOUBLE TAP if you’re lucky enough to have a niece who is like a daughter. #nationaldaughtersday 

@graceschulting .. the fun I had in making this reel 😂

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Before communicating, pass your words through these four Buddhist communication principles. Each of these pillars aim to make conversations more valuable and meaningful:

1) Is it truthful? Being truthful means sticking to reality when speaking. Do an honesty check with self, first. Speak from the heart, not your ego.

2) Is it kind? Be at peace with yourself before you speak. Honesty can be kind and sincere, without it being mean and disrespectful. 

3) Is it useful? Saying nothing is a form of communication. Remember that. 

4) Is it filled with peace? Again, speak from a peaceful, loving heart, with intention. 

Remember, you are human! Moving words through these pillars isn’t always easy, especially when we’ve been conditioned to react instead of respond. Try using these principles, and let me know your thoughts.

Let’s create a healthier culture, one ripple at a time.


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