How to live outside your comfort zone

UNSTUCK + FREE: How to Live Outside Your Comfort Zone is an immersive digital course that brings “learning from the trail to life” with HD videos, a guided visualization, my own personal learning + downloadable pdf worksheets.

I created this course for those ready + willing to let go of fear, should’s + stories holding you back from living a life on your terms! This course will deepen your sense of self and guide you towards choice, freedom + alignment with what sets your soul on fire!

Learning happens while outside of the box … that’s why I took the classroom outdoors!

As a former art teacher/department co-chair turned stay-at-home mom + now professional wilderness guide + coach, I have taken my classroom to the outdoors where I teach from forest floors, in Canyons, under shooting stars or high above waterfalls + rivers running below! In this digital course, you won’t find me sitting on a sofa or at a desk while teaching. No, instead I climbed a mountain + along the way found perfect spots where I connect with nature + thus, connect nature with YOU.

Believe me, there is nothing out there like this!

In this course, I’ll teach you the exact methods I use to connect with my values, establish + grow my comfort zone, how to smash barriers, let go of limiting beliefs + lead a life by choice! By the time you finish, you will use these tools, tips + tricks on a daily practice.

  • Learn how to connect with Nature like never before … + see physical, emotional, mental + spiritual benefits!
  • Strengthen your Inner Guide muscle + listen to your intuition.
  • Release fear, receive courage + step into choice!
  • Practice these steps I use to invite joy, happiness, growth + freedom into your life … + LIVE BOLDLY as a result.


  • 5 recordings of HD Video Content filmed on Mt. San Antonio (otherwise known as Mt. Baldy). My teaching is direct, with love + on target. I don’t stop the camera or edit out bugs, rock slides or wind! Why? Because this is life. I don’t believe in mistakes or screw-ups. Let’s embrace it all!
  • 3 Powerful Modules taking you step-by-step through a process to live outside your comfort zone. I keep it simple + easy to learn!
  • A Guided Visualization in Module One to connect with your values in life.
  • Easy to read + follow pdf’s … because I don’t care for complicated!
  • Tools you can use in the moment to create a life with choice.
  • I believe that life should be an EXPERIENCE … + no doubt, this course is an immersive one!
  • Lifetime access to the content because as busy humans, I want this to always be at your fingertips.

“On the other side of discomfort lies empowerment, inspiration + the knowledge that you are a Warrior outside of your comfort zone!”

— Sara Schulting Kranz


week 1

You will receive two recordings with downloadable PDF’s:


  • In this video, I share the backstory of this program, how it came to fruition, and what I learned while creating + recording this course for all of you! We are always learning + growing!

Module One: SELF EXPLORATION: Intentions + Values

  • As I guide you through the process of connecting with nature in this video, listen to the bugs, birds + view snow capped mountains behind me. In this module, we begin the process of deep-diving into who you are as a human being. We do so by setting intentions, listening to a guided visualization, and uncovering your personal values. This is an incredibly powerful module + one you may choose to come back to over + over again.
Week 2

You will receive one recording with a downloadable PDF:

Module Two: Let’s talk COMFORT ZONE + BARRIERS!

  • OH this is one of my favorite topics to discuss! In this video + module, I dive deep into your comfort zone, why we all have one + how we grow our comfort zone to live life with freedom, choice + ease! We also take a look at our barriers in life – what are those things holding us back from leading life on our terms? You will gain a better understanding of how to grow your life from the “inside out” + how to look at limiting beliefs as simply stories that don’t deserve our attention.
Week 3

You will receive two recordings with downloadable PDF’s:

Module Three: Smashing Barriers + LIVING BOLDLY!

  • In this video + module, you will learn how to smash the barriers holding you back from achieving what you want in life. You will learn how to reframe the stories in your head telling you why you can’t do something, and you will triumphantly stand in your values to say, “Yes, I can!” I use these tools on an everyday basis, and let me tell you … they work!


  • Through valuable storytelling in this video, I share how creating this program was like a crash course in deepening my understanding of self + honoring my values as a woman. One value in particular – my value of TRUST – was fed, loved + nurtured … forever changed. My hope is by sharing what I learned, you can relate + weave this work even deeper into your own life!

It’s truly fascinating!

Are you ready to live your most powerful, beautiful existence … led by choice, every day?