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Hi Friends! Welcome to Live Boldly with Sara Schulting-Kranz, a survivor, thriver, adventurer + believer in all things possible. My mission is to guide others to live their life boldly – regardless of circumstances. I believe we all have the power to overcome + lead joy-filled, happy lives.

Recorded from the trail, in my office or on the ocean, I share inspiring stories from every day people – because we all deserve to be heard! You will also hear from hand-picked professionals, ready to guide you beside me!

I look forward to you joining the conversation!



Breaking Why: When Your Rock Bottom Becomes Your Purpose | Episode 69

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Finding Your Purpose at Rock Bottom with Frankie Russo Frankie [...]

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Reclaiming Your Freedom and Personal Power Post Relationship Trauma | Episode 67

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Reclaiming Your Personal Power with Intimacy Expert, Allana Pratt Intimacy [...]

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Trust. Surrender. Open. The Universe is working in your favor. Your work is in believing you are worthy of life’s magic. Your work is in staying open to receiving. Your work is in the space of not suppressing what needs to be released.

Double tap if you agree. And share with those who need to hear this.

Happy Sunday, loves! I hope your day is a beautiful one. 

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Always fun bringing the ocean + mountains to tv! And, I was rewarded with dolphins, jellyfish + a sunfish afterwards.🐬

Thank you Kristan, Megan, Chris, Henry + the entire KTLA crew! Fun jamming with all of you. Off the Clock airs at 2pm on the KTLA+ app and KTLA.com/live ... the app is available on Roku, Firestick and AppleTV.

Link here: https://ktla.com/off-the-clock/wellness-wednesday-how-nature-boosts-our-wellbeing/

Get outside + take care of YOU.

Link in handle for retreats, book, podcast + website. Jump into one of our LAST Grand Canyon Retreats! July reservations close on May 24th! Filling: July, November + January, 2023.

In love + light,
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There will be people in your life who won’t recognize the version of you today, or the version of who you are becoming. And Hon, that’s ok. Give them space + time to acclimate with your desire to heal, grow, embrace your dreams, and step into your calling. The bridge to healthy relationships requires equal willingness from both parties to meet one another where they are at. And sometimes, others cannot do so. It doesn’t mean you should stop rising! It doesn’t mean you should slow down, or wait for them to accept you. In fact, one of the greatest compliments you can receive is, “I no longer recognize the person you have become.”

Instead, rise with hope and faith that those you care about will choose to step in beside you. If not now, than when they are ready. Because when we work on ourselves, we give others permission to do the same. If they choose “not now” or “never,” stay with your “yes.”

It’s not always easy being brave + courageous. But it’s far more difficult looking back + wishing you had been. When you get frustrated, just remember that you do more harm to self (and those you will positively affect) by playing small for others’ sake and not becoming who you are intended.

Drop a 🔥 if this resonates.

I believe in you / us .. and always will.

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