I am so thrilled to share this with you!

You see, we were brought into this world to love our lives. To live out our moments with choice, freedom + on our own terms.

I promise you, there is nothing magical about me.

If I can do it, so can you.

Please watch the video + download the PDF. It’s filled with great information and journal prompts.

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What if we looked at our setbacks + traumas as simply redirection in life? What if we saw them as mere openings for new possibilities? For possibilities that we wouldn’t have imagined if our setbacks + traumas hadn’t happened in the first place? What if we didn’t ruminate on what didn’t happen, and instead, looked at this as an invitation for what could? What if we saw ourselves as the resilient humans that we are, realizing that “if I could get through THAT, If I could survive what DID happen, I can THRIVE in what will.” BAM.

It’s always fun watching others overcome + create their own Superhero story. But hey, it’s way more fun creating your own. 🔥

Every one of you reading this are Superhero’s. Every freaking one of you. Maybe you don’t realize it .. yet. (Note what I did there with the word yet? Your choice.) But being on this planet at this very moment makes YOU a Superhero. So go write your script .. and if something hard happens in the storyline, remember, the pen is in your hand.

Thank you to @kleincreative1 for an amazing shoot last week. The pics are insane. The video is beyond. Looking forward to getting on bigger stages + sharing this message!

For those wondering: we are ending our Grand Canyon Retreats in January (not my choice, but the National Park Service is stopping services at the bottom indefinitely for updates. This setback has simply become redirection.) That said, you will always find me offering / leading land healing + water healing retreats for men and women. Locations TBD. I’m also working on collaborations with some pretty badass humans, so stay tuned! Catch updates through my newsletter. Subscribe in my website: saraschultingkranz.com

Have a beautiful week, Superhero’s!

I believe in you / us .. always.

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My Sunday midnight thoughts as I walk alone down Main Street under a full moon. Last night, my sister-in-law and I sat with mom late into the evening. I pressed record on voice memos in my phone, and we talked life. I asked mom questions that I honestly didn’t know answers to. What’s your favorite prayer? She recited her favorite prayer that’s now in my phone. What was it like being the youngest? Where else would you like to travel together? The questions turned to stories. Stories of her past. Of her and dad. Of family. Of resiliency. (Go, Mama!) Of jobs. Of travels with her mom and mother-in-law. Stories that brought us back to much needed laughter. Late at night, in quiet moments as I walk, I carry our conversations + let them settle into my heart and soul. Like a Rolodex of information, or a photo album of pictures, I store memories like these to search back on.

Aging is such a trip. I don’t look at it as something that sucks. I prefer to see it as a way to further understand why I’m here. It’s as if the first part of life is when we “don’t know what we don’t know,” so we “check off the boxes” and follow what’s told or expected of us. Mid-life is when we see where we would have done differently, and many times we put our learning into action. I see our later years as a time to sit back and actually appreciate our learned wisdom. What saddens me is how in society, we don’t always honor our oh-wise-elders. We stay rushed in our own lives and don’t sit with, listen to, or appreciate our walking-encyclopedia-elders. Want to learn? Go ask someone who’s been there. Want advice? Ask someone who has walked it. Want honesty? Ask an elder. Just make sure that you press record on your voice memos first. You won’t regret it.

Something to ponder in the quiet moments of our busy lives.

Keep being raw, real, and beautiful. I believe in all of us.

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The dichotomy at Gate C24. Waiting for my connecting flight to board, furiously updating my bio as we pivot my work. A constant reminder, “Find your voice, Sara. Your authentic you.” Inspirational words pour while I’m listening to my favorite Coldplay soundtrack. And then it hits me. Tears. Grief. Love. Yes, my emotions are perpetuated by lack of sleep. My mom always says, “You must be tired or hungry.” She’s never wrong, dammit. But this morning, it’s also because I sit here in the dichotomy of life at Gate C24. Flying home to be with mom. Our tight family, a gift. If anyone out there has a tight fam, don’t take it for granted. For anyone who doesn’t? Create your own. Family is more than blood. It’s unconditional love + acceptance when at your high AND low. It’s love + understanding for every beautiful and f’d up choice you make. It’s forgiveness. Deep, raw forgiveness. God knows I’ve needed it! But here’s the thing: when people ask where I’ve garnered my resiliency, I say, “From my mom. The stubborn mule that she is. The giving, caring, faithful, sometimes too empathetic woman that she is. I’ve learned my overcoming from her. Imperfect in all of the perfect ways.” Recently I told her, “This work I do, I do for us both. When I’m on stage, my words are your words. Because you’ve taught me what I know. When clients express their gratitude for this work. When followers message their appreciation .. “it’s because of you, too, mom.”” When I’ve thought about stopping, she’s thrown fuel on my flame to keep going. I guess you could say that all of this .. it’s coming from us both. If you ever find yourself stuck, use the question I’ve found helpful. “Would my older self look back on this moment + be proud? Would she / he wished I’d have said yes? Or no?” Because we have this one present life. Don’t leave this earth regretting having not stepped into what is available to you today. That is resiliency. And that is what my mom has taught me. Cry your tears. And laugh afterwards. Those are my dichotomous thoughts from Gate C24.

Boarding + sending love to all of you.

Stay real. Raw. Vulnerable in your voice.

We love you.

Sara + Mom

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🔥LISTEN: Trauma, regardless if little-t or big-T, embeds in our body at a cellular level. When we don’t “release” our trauma from our body, our body “speaks” to us by way of pain, knots or muscle spasms, injury, or disease. Wild animals experience trauma, but why don’t they walk around numbed out or shut down? Because they naturally release their trauma. Their nervous system doesn’t “carry” their trauma or PTSD. Instead, they discharge the memories by way of movement + connection to the earth, erasing it from their bodies. It’s not that the event never happened, rather, they don’t “sit” in the event that happened .. something humans are conditioned to do.

Think about it this way: humans ruminate in their stories. Their minds ask “why - why - why” over + over again. Every time we do that (I did it for an entire year), we embed the trauma into our bodies a bit deeper. We hold onto the story, reliving + recycling the details over + over again. We can’t get out of the loop that holds us frozen in what happened. When it gets to be too much, we numb on drugs, alcohol, food, sex, shopping, gambling, porn, tech, etc.

When triggered, our sympathetic nervous system may engage, causing us to go into “high alert.” We may feel anxious. Have rapid breathing. Heart racing. Or ..

Our parasympathetic nervous system may engage, causing us to feel stressed out, depressed, maybe you can’t get out of bed. Perhaps you feel “heavy” like you are carrying a load on your back. You may feel “stuck” or paralyzed.

What clears the body from trauma?

Somatic healing + experiences that reawaken your body to your natural world. Grounding yourself in nature. Creating new alive experiences that don’t hold you in the past. Breathing into your body, hand on heart, and getting curious about what your body is saying. When old thoughts arise, retrain or rewire your brain with new, present, true thoughts. Going for a walk. Observing clouds/grass. Bringing awareness to your senses + reminding yourself that we are more than what’s happened to us.

THIS is why our Nature Retreats WORK. THIS is why I’m younger now than 9-years ago. Healthier. Happier. Thriving.

You can be, too. ⬇️ (cont in comments)
Stars cannot shine without darkness.

Rainbows cannot appear without rain.

Even the most beautiful sunsets appear after the biggest storms.

A metaphor for life .. we live in a magical world.


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