What to do when the world is dealing with a COVID-19 Pandemic + you’re isolated in your home?

There’s so much confusion, misunderstanding, judgment + anger that comes with this virus. For some of us, confinement has brought anxiety, rising emotions + depression. For others, it has meant Netflix, reading + Marie Kondo’ing our homes.

Nature has always been my go-to therapy during times like this. When I need clarity or to slow my brain + reset my world, I go outside. I paddle with dolphins, whales + my bestie, Cocco. I hit a trail in the mountains. Or I walk to the beach + put my feet in the sand. Grounding my body, mind, heart, spirit, and soul to the earth has been EVERYTHING.

So what do you do when your favorite outdoors has been taken away + you’re forced inside?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Start each day by walking to your window. Gaze outside and look at the sky. Watch the clouds. Take notice of the birds + how they glide in the wind.
  2. Take five minutes a day + meditate with rocks. My home is filled with stones that I have collected on some of my favorite trails. While doing your daily meditations, sit with your rocks around you + hold a special one in your hand. Connect with the feel of the stone. Use it as a reminder of that special day you had in nature. Our spirits are amazing + can be taken back to the memory you hold in your heart.
  3. When in the shower, take a deep breath in, hold it, and release. Imagine you are standing under your favorite waterfall + let the water wash over you. Continue deep breathing. Many times I like to close my eyes + have my mind float back to my favorite waterfall in the Grand Canyon. Take yourself back to that moment in time. Smile for this gift you were given.
  4. Walk onto your patio and sit outside. If that’s not possible, open your door or window + pull up a chair. Take a seat + place your feet on the ground. Close your eyes + place your hands over your heart. Slowly breathe in. And slowly release your breath. Smell the air around you. What scents are you picking up? Take another slow breath in … and release. Let the breeze be with you. Continue breathing and simply be present. Nature is the air that surrounds you. You are asked to do nothing but sit.
  5. Listen to nature sounds. This is where technology is beautiful. I love listening to sounds in nature. There are plenty of apps and songs using birds, water, oceans, and bugs. Let it play in the background while making meals, doing work or playing games during downtime.
  6. Watch a bug when you find one in your home. Remember when you were a kid + fascinated by bugs + spiders? If you find one in your home, please don’t rush to kill it. Instead, watch what it does. I had a 56-year-old friend watch a spider build its web recently. She was fascinated! Invite your children or someone in your home to do this with you. It’s quite the conversation starter! And it’s moments like these that bring awe into our world. Afterward, carefully scoop up the bug or spider and let it be free outside.
  7. Find the moon. Oh, how I love a good moon or sky full of stars! If you’re in the city, this may be more difficult. But hear me out. There is nothing like stepping outside or seeing a beautiful moon from your window! Before you go to bed, find some time for a moon or star gaze session. Watch the sky twinkle and the clouds pass over the bright sky. Nature doesn’t sleep + it’s a wonderful way to end your day. If you love nature apps like I do, download Skygazer to your phone + point it to the sky. Yes, this works in the city! You can even point it to the other side of the earth and see the constellations. Your kids or others in your house will love this too!

Studies published in Environmental Science and Technology found that getting outside for as little as five minutes per day improves both mood and self-esteem. My hope is these ideas bring some nature indoors to you.

I keep reminding myself of the same words I sent a friend today: “No life is more valuable or invaluable than another.” As we work through this time, isolated yet connecting in different ways, please remember that we will get through this.

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My deepest thanks to all of you for the support + love … please stay safe + healthy!




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