I thought about taking a different picture for this important post! Perhaps I would put on a dress, sit on a couch looking pretty, staging myself with a computer on my lap. How nice would that look?

And then I realized: show them real life.

So here it is! Me, on Catalina Island, day three of chaperoning my son’s seventh grade class science trip. I was signing a contract for my 100-page book proposal, my baby!, in between breakfast and learning about phytoplankton. I mean, really!

Yes, I can finally share that I am honored and blessed to be represented by Ms. Claudia Cross, Partner of Folio Literary Management in New York City!

Even now, I’m shedding a tear just typing these words!

You guys, I did it. Pinch me!

I have been working passionately and diligently on this book idea and proposal for nearly three years! This is what happens when you know your purpose, manifest, stay the course, and don’t lose sight of your dreams.

We can have it all!

And this picture couldn’t say it better. A dad holding my phone, I remember thinking, “This is it! I’m taking a picture of the most ecstatic moment of my life, and my face isn’t even washed!”

And honestly? I didn’t – and don’t – care!

Because at the same time, it shows the mom who will do anything for her kids. The teacher in me who believes deeply in education. And the guide who the night before, took her group to gaze under the stars, connect with nature, meditate, and share deep conversation.

Let me share a small piece of my writing journey – how I got here.

At age seventeen, I knew that someday I would write a book. Little did I know what had to occur in my life before putting pen to paper. Loss, divorce, transforming my life, and now transcending my story to help others. My idea for a book and the written proposal has morphed from a memoir, to now a personal development book that I am so, so proud of!

Typing on my computer these last three years, books from my favorite authors sat with me: Brene’ Brown, Florence Williams, Rachel Hollis, Jen Sincero, Cheryl Strayed, and Gabby Bernstein. When frustration for this process set in, I would be reminded, “ALL of these authors started with a thought, which led to an idea, and then a dream. And finally, their book. They all started with a thought.

I had to believe in this process and trust that with divine timing, the Universe was working beside me. Every day, I visualized my book coming to life.

And then it happened: the Universe gave me a sign that my dreams were being supported!

My niece and I were hiking the High Sierra Trail in August when I was telling her about my vision for this book. How I saw women carrying this book in their hiking packs, pulling it out to be read in nature. I shared my dream of looking over at someone lying on a peak someday, reading my book. I will hug them and say, “Hey, thanks for carrying my book! I wrote that for you. I hope you enjoy it.”

It was day three of our adventure when it happened. Sitting beside a lake perched high on a summit, I glimpsed over at a woman we had met on the trail. She was pulling out a book to share with us. I smiled as I told my niece, “That’s the sign I needed. Someday, that book will be mine. Just wait, it’ll happen.”

I prayed while in those mountains that I would find the right agent by the end of the year! One that believes in my book, vision, and me as much as I do.

The High Sierra Mountains … and the Universe … delivered! It was the morning of December 31st when Claudia and I had our first conversation on the phone and she offered me representation. I knew she was the agent I had visualized, prayed for, and manifested during those eight days in the mountains. I simply didn’t know her name at the time. Folio Literary Management is home to some of my favorite authors, including … wait for it … Gabby Bernstein, whose book sat beside my computer most days when writing.

The Universe and this world is a Magical place. When we truly tune in to the possibilities around us, there is no dream too big! All that you need to begin with is … a thought.

I have so many people to thank for supporting me on this journey. And I will, in the book. For right now, please continue to share my message and social media pages. Because we are all here to guide and support one another. Those women reading my book someday will be thanking you for being a part of this journey, in support of them.

This is how the ripple effect of change happens. You see, we all matter.

Thank you!



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