Be different.

Embody more.

Play like you’ve never played before.

For the longest time, I played small. I existed only in the shadows, not sharing my gifts with the world.

And then life struck in 2013. My world imploded, and I was faced with a choice: to die or to live.

Obviously, I stepped in.

I’m living, baby! 

And I want the same for you.

I took a break from packing for the Sierra High Route, the most dangerous and difficult route in the United States, to write this. Why? Because I’ve been reminded of 5 things.

Read. Sit with this list. And add to this list in the comments.

1) IMPOSTER SYNDROME (Oiy..): Up to 82% of people deal with feeling like a fraud. STOP.

An example: Many years ago, I asked my therapist, “Am I a narcissist?” She laughed and said, “A narcissist wouldn’t ask their therapist if they’re a narcissist.” Why did I ask her? Because of others’ mind games being played on me at the time.

Thus, if you’re questioning if you’re a fraud, my gut says you’re not. Don’t let others’ judgments play tricks on you. The more we embrace our imperfections, the more we stop the toxic cycle of self-criticism. You belong right where you are.

2) DEATH: It’s the one thing we all have in common, just like life. We have a choice to live every moment or to cycle in victimhood and shame in what so often, we cannot control. Accept. Learn. Live.

3) CHOICE: This goes along with living. We all have a choice in HOW we live. There will always be someone critiquing, judging, or ridiculing your choices. There will always be MANY who are craving to live how you are. So dammit, go live YOUR LIFE how you choose! No regrets. Society’s ways are meant to be questioned (my belief.. take it or leave it.)

4) MAKE PIVOTING A PART OF YOUR PLAN: Life never goes according to plan. That’s the biggest misnomer. The best-laid plans are those open to what you never expected. The good times. And yes, the hard times. All of it. To think you can control any outcome is energy misdirected and mishandled. Stay open to receive.

5) OUR TRAUMAS BECOME ROADMAPS TO WHAT’S POSSIBLE: You’ve survived more things in life than you give yourself credit for. Perhaps divorce, death, health issues, raising children, career changes, the pandemic, broken relationships, etc. That alone makes you powerful and credible to make very BOLD CHOICES moving forward. Stop wondering, and make them.

What would you add to this list?

What is one step you’re taking this week to LIVE BOLDLY and Do the Difficult?

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Every Tuesday, I’ll share a stagnant post with a reminder to share in the comments something you’ve been procrastinating, are afraid of, or have been putting off.

Share in the post the one step you will take that week to “do the difficult,” and receive support along the way! Bring along your friends. Tag others. Let’s shift energy and rise together!


This belief of not belonging is taking its toll on our personal lives, and wreaking havoc in our organizations. Low engagement, plummeting morale, deep discontentment. It’s affecting both our personal and corporate bottom lines.

This is where I love stepping in to share, teach, and guide.

After learning the foundation of BEING BOLD and embracing The Courage to Belong, leaders become more connected to themselves, engaged with the world around them, and motivated to thrive. Organizations become more collaborative, innovative, and growth-oriented where everyone enjoys a renewed capability to rise above the fray and soar to where anything is possible.

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We all matter.

And, I love you.



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