Better Supporting the Mental and Emotional Health of Our Children

An intergenerational conversation about how we can better support the mental and emotional health of our children and young adults.

An Intergenerational Conversation: How can we, as parents, better support the mental and emotional well-being of our children and young adults?

Anna Rodin is an author, a yoga teacher, and a college student. At just 21 years old, she has taken a nontraditional approach to life between going abroad at 18 to Italy, taking a semester off later on to get her yoga teacher certification, transferring schools, and now writing and publishing a book.

Mental health has played an enormous role in her life and self-love journey. Uncovering old wounds and facing old traumas, mostly from childhood, has been an extremely painful but important experience that she believes everyone would benefit from, especially in their twenties.

She speaks on mental health and wellness for people in their twenties, as well as wellness and health in general in terms of the role it plays in each of our individual lives.



Hello, everyone! Anna Rodin is on today’s show. Today, we talk about Anna’s rock bottom, what signs parents should look out for, overcoming fears, the unique challenges that today’s youth face, becoming a yoga teacher, the impacts of social media, intergenerational collaboration, and Anna’s journey going forward.

Let’s dive in!

In this Episode you’ll learn:

  • [07:44] A bit about Anna.
  • [08:53] Anna’s hardest low.
  • [16:34] What are the signs that parents should look for?
  • [18:04] Anna’s fears.
  • [22:01] How we’re handling this.
  • [23:21] Unique challenges that young people face today.
  • [28:49] Becoming a yoga teacher.
  • [30:57] How the healing impacted Anna’s life.
  • [32:45] Has social media impacted our emotional state?
  • [34:32] What parents should be asking.
  • [37:26] When kids refuse to feel.
  • [39:37] How Anna’s life has changed.
  • [41:17] Anna’s book.
  • [47:17] How different generations can work together.
  • [49:30] What’s next?
  • [51:41] Anna’s advice to parents.
  • [52:20] Anna’s advice to our youth.



  • “There can be amazing things to social media, but one of the downsides is the disconnection from ourselves.” [34:06]
  • “Emotions are okay, they’re normal, and they should be embraced.” [36:03]
  • “It’s okay to not be okay.” [38:19]
  • “Be open and accepting of whatever and whoever your kid is.” [51:46]
  • “Learn to listen to your heart and your intuition, and follow it.” [52:30]
  • “When we change our inner world, we then change our external world.” [52:52]


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