Challenging oneself promotes growth for not only yourself, but others.

I learned something extremely valuable last week from the five Warrior Women I was guiding in the Grand Canyon. When one person is pushed out of their comfort zone, the learning and inspiration for others is undeniable. Over the course of 32 trail miles, my experience with all of them has forever changed me.

Here is how.

As the women began signing up for this trip, I knew it held a different level of energy. Age differences, various backgrounds … behind the scenes, I was ecstatic to see how this trip was unfolding. And then I received a call from Shawn, a blind athlete and adventurer seeker who asked if I would guide her on this retreat. I was nervous, excited and humbled. Why? Well, the Grand Canyon is far more than a visual experience as many believe. ALL of your senses are heightened in this vast space – smells, sounds, tastes, feels. Stepping out of my own comfort zone and guiding someone in a new way would alter the experience for everyone in that canyon … including those who we passed on the trails.

So I said yes, fully aware that I have never stepped into anything quite like this in the past. I do know one thing: with risk comes rewards far greater than the risk itself. And in sharing our differences, we are given an opportunity to share our commonalities. I knew this had the potential to be a gift for all involved.

Was I out of my comfort zone stepping into this Grand Canyon Retreat? Sure, for about the first three switchbacks. With clear communication, our group quickly fell into a groove, trust was earned and we felt completely at ease. From there, I witnessed a level of compassion, understanding and love for one another that could never be replicated. What unfolded was simply beautiful.

My words to describe this trip:

  • Transformative
  • Life Altering
  • Inspiring
  • Empowering
  • Adventurous
  • Spiritual
  • Crazy Freaking Cool

So here is my Challenge to You:

Do something within the next seven days that forces you OUT of your Comfort Zone! Take witness to who you inspire and provide learning along the way. If it scares you … even better! I’d love to hear how your growth empowers others! Because undeniably, it will.



Words of Wisdom from the Trail

Please watch the YouTube video below and hear words of wisdom from our Warrior Women.

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