Self Love and Confidence is the Best Outfit.
Rock It – and Own It.

I’ve had several discussions lately on how to turn adverse situations into self love. Seeking out difficult experiences is not what we do. Who would? That said, hardships happen to each and every one of us.

Everyone knows someone who has experienced struggles. If it’s the loss of a job, a failed marriage, addictions of some sort, difficulty raising children or various health issues. Sound familiar?

Below are my own Five Tips for Turning Adversity into Self Love:

  1. Handle difficult times with humility, authenticity, integrity and honesty. Be true to you. In doing so, your self esteem and self love will grow.
  2. Respect yourself and your emotions. If emotions rise, identity and release them in a healthy way. Go hike, meditate, run or do yoga. Get back to nature. Take care of you.
  3. Look for what can be learned during difficult experiences. Turn hard life knocks into beloved life lessons. There are no failures in life if learning is involved.
  4. Find your Tribe-love them hard. You are never alone. Look for or build your support team and accept their love. In turn, you are loving yourself.
  5. Honor your Adversity. Be grateful for your difficulties in life as they provide room for learning and growth. You will love and accept yourself more by doing so.

Remember: No one on this Earth is perfect nor living a perfect life.

Don’t seek out perfection.
Seek out your own happiness … here is where Self Love will reside.