What if I told you that your greatest moments of opportunity in life come from those that hold the most pain, confusion and even perhaps, loss? Would you believe me if I said that hardship is hard but also carries the most room for growth, healing and learning about oneself?

Sure, positive moments are easily cherished, filled with gratitude, feeding your soul with wonder and enlightenment. And yet, what’s even more fulfilling is looking back at a difficult time in your life when you embraced it with open arms …. and found the opportunity for something so much greater than yourself as a result.

This week I give you something beautiful …. Creating Opportunity out of Adversity. 

Sara Schulting Kranz in the grand canyon with a rainbow behind her


“Behind Every Tear lies a Smile.
Behind Every Storm lies a Rainbow.”
-xo Sara 

We have all had both positive and difficult moments happen to us. Notice I didn’t use the word “negative”. Why? Because I don’t look at there being “negative moments” in a person’s life.

It’s easy to feel happiness and joy during positive moments. And it is also normal to feel overwhelmed with emotions of anger, sadness and pain during difficult times in your life. Honor those emotions, yet know that during those moments, you do have the power within to alter anger, sadness and pain into learning, growth and healing. 

HOW? … sounds so easy, right?
It’s how you do anything: ONE STEP AT A TIME.

>>EVALUATE WHAT IS POSSIBLE. Whatever the situation, big or small, there is room for growth and learning. It’s so easy to sit in the “whoa is me” and “how could this have happened?” attitude. Yes, when needed, it’s necessary to mourn the loss of what could have been or would have been. However, how great that once ready, we can shift our mindset and take on the perspective of “what is possible”? Where there is loss, there is also a rebirth to new opportunities … if you choose. I encourage you to look at “what is possible” and journal your opportunities for learning and growth every day.

>>STEP INTO CHANGING YOUR MINDSET … EVERY MORNING. I encourage my clients to look in the mirror every morning, eye to eye, and talk to themselves. Tell “you” what message you would give someone else in your shoes. Take a moment every day to change the recurring message playing out in your head. You are worth it!

>>POINT THE FINGER … AT YOU. Thank you, dad, for teaching your children one of life’s greatest lessons. When you point your finger at another human being or situation in fault, there are always three fingers pointing back at you. You may not have caused a situation, however you can take responsibility for your own learning and growth! Take back your power and in doing so, you are being empowered. There, lies one of life’s biggest opportunities.

“Personal transformation lies through the Power of Choice. The choice to Fear the Storm in Life … or the choice to Become the Storm in Life.”

Behind every Storm Lies a Rainbow. May you find yours when faced with difficult moments in your own life journey.



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Don’t be afraid to hike in the RAIN! This is where I have found some of life’s greatest rainbows and clarity moments!