The best stories are those that make you stop and think. 

It’s those stories where you never forget what you heard, and they forever change you.

Here is a story that forever changed me, and I hope that it will change you, too.

I was flying to Detroit, Michigan last week from Midway Airport in Chicago. Going through security, I put my carry-on luggage onto the conveyor belt.

In front of me was a young girl, approximately 12 years old, flying alone. She had put her luggage onto the conveyor belt and was kneeling down trying to get her shoes off. Black high-top chuckies, she had tied her laces too tight and couldn’t loosen them up. She was overly frustrated.

“Can’t someone help me?” 

The young girl looked up, begging for assistance.

Behind the conveyer stood the TSA agent. A woman in her 30s, she looked at the young girl and replied, “I told you that I can get you scissors. But that’s all I can do.”

The young girl grew even more anxious. She said, “But I don’t want to cut my laces!”

At this point, several people had walked past the young girl and didn’t stop to offer assistance. I’d like to think they were late to their gate, or hadn’t noticed what was happening.

I got in line wondering if I should help her.. Or would that create even more of a scene? And then I thought about one important factor:

What if that were my child needing help? Or what if that were me?

So I got out of line and knelt beside her. I asked, “Can I help you?”

The young girl was so happy and relieved. We worked for a few moments on her laces. I said, “You really have these tight!” And then, voila! We did it. She took her shoes off, placed them on the conveyor belt, and thanked me. Not one word was said by the TSA agent, but that’s ok.

As I walked through security, I thought about how many people walk past others needing help.. Every single day. How many people think, “I don’t want to make a scene.” Or even, “It’s not my responsibility.”

This world moves fast, but it doesn’t mean that we need to.

Let’s take a moment today and see where we can lend a helping hand.

Where we can do a little better as an individual, and as a result, how we can be a little better as a whole.

Who’s with me on this one?

Now, why was I in Detroit?

We are working on a new speaking reel to be released in about 6 weeks:

The Courage to Belong: 

We find ourselves in a frenetic, disconnected, and high-anxiety world. The pressures of the day are leaving us isolated, unfulfilled, and lonely.. At a scale like we’ve never seen before.

In addition to taking its toll on our personal lives, it’s wreaking havoc in our organizations. Low engagement, plummeting morale, deep discontentment. It’s affecting both our personal and corporate bottom lines.

Fear, anxiety, and apprehension are poisoning our corporate cultures and depleting value from our businesses.

By helping people uncover their true north and develop a deeper sense of connection and meaning – to themselves, their teams, their community, and the world around them – we go on an empowering journey to experience what it is to be human, to be brave, to be seen, to rise, and to keep climbing towards your full potential and the greatest possibilities. We learn to BE BOLD. 

After learning the foundation of BEING BOLD and embracing The Courage to Belong, leaders become more connected to themselves, engaged with the world around them, and motivated to thrive. Organizations become more collaborative, innovative, and growth-oriented where everyone enjoys a renewed capability to rise above the fray and soar to where anything is possible.

Interested in being the first to bring this concept into your organization or business? Message me. I’d love to chat and make it happen.

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We all matter.

And, I love you.



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