This post was prompted by a client – who I’m super proud of – and our conversation around drinking. She thought of the brilliant term, “Sober Curious.”

In March, I gave up feeling pressured to drink at all and instead, became curious with completely living clean.

And what resulted? I rarely, if ever, drink.

Nope, I don’t have a drinking problem. I was never seeking out parties or drank during the day. Yes, I’ve had nights in my past that I’m not proud of – but will admit to. And no, I am not out to prove anything. This is where I am at now – which is a different place from where I was then.

I did this for me.

I live in the South Bay where, let’s face it, the pressure to drink is real. When my son entered high school, I coached him on how to handle pressures. Drinking, drugs, sex, school. At the same time, I felt it as an adult. “Want to catch up over a few beers? Bottle of wine?,” or the infamous … “Just one more.” There were times when being in alcohol filled environments left me in sticky situations. And I don’t do “stuck.”

More irony. Here we are, as adults, navigating the same waters as our kids.

So I decided to stop the pressure to drink. From others, me, the outside world.


I am damn happy – happier than I have ever been – without booze!

Freedom is real. Clarity is pure. I’m the same woman – only I love me more.

Sure, I took a small flask of Bourbon on the 8-day High Sierra Trail. Which was stupid, by the way. I ended up carrying most of it for the 80-plus miles of trails! Why? I thought I’d want it. But I never did.

And I ordered a glass of wine at dinner on Monday night with my amazing handmade pasta. Though I had an argument with the server, “You can get a whole bottle for the price of one glass!” I didn’t want a bottle. I wanted a glass. I replied, “Great! I’ll take a bottle and pour the remainder for the couple over there. They will love it.” He wouldn’t let me – and I didn’t cave to his pressure. (Some rules in this world are flat out stupid and you will never convince me otherwise-but I digress.) So, I ordered a glass – which I didn’t even finish – and walked away thinking, “I should have just had tea.”

We all live with the Freedom of Choice. And when you set aside the pressure to live any way other than on YOUR TERMS, it’s amazing the possibilities.

Here’s to living “Sober Curious!”


PS: I know this picture is not of a beer can. Carrying one to the summit was not happening!


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