Navigating Grief and Dealing with Deep Emotions

Kelly talks about the most difficult parts of navigating grief, things that we do and don’t say to grievers, learning from loss, and dealing with deep emotions.

Kelly Huggins is a grief and trauma therapist with over 15 years of experience journeying and supporting grievers and trauma survivors. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Certified Grief Counseling Specialist, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and a Somatic and Attachment Focused EMDR-trained therapist.

Throughout her career in grief and loss, Kelly has worked in hospice, directed a children’s bereavement program, managed a cancer resource center, and most recently founded her private therapy practice, Creating Space Therapy ( She developed and leads Soul Shine creative soul-searching workshops and retreats and provides grief counseling and EMDR therapy.

Kelly is passionate about helping her clients heal, grow and transform after loss and trauma. She helps her clients find confidence, peace, and fulfillment in their life. She helps her clients develop personalized and unique tools to help them feel more authentic in redefining how they want to move forward.



Hello, everyone! Kelly Huggins is on today’s show. Today, we talk about grief, the myth of the stages of grief, the bucket of unfinished business, and having unanswered questions. Kelly also talks about the most difficult parts of the grieving journey, things that we do and don’t say to grievers, learning from loss, and get Kelly’s tools for dealing with grief.

Let’s dive in!

In this Episode you’ll learn:

  • [07:42] The beauty in grief.
  • [09:37] A bit about Kelly.
  • [10:11] Working as a trauma therapist.
  • [11:15] The myth of the stages of grief.
  • [13:02] Unfinished business.
  • [14:40] Unanswered questions.
  • [23:11] What are the hardest parts of the journey?
  • [26:51] Allowing ourselves to express our grief.
  • [29:34] Things you don’t say to grieving people.
  • [35:26] What can we learn from our loss?
  • [37:44] Making meaning through signs.
  • [45:31] Valuable tools and thoughts.



  • “There’s no right or wrong way in grief.” [09:13]
  • “If we allow ourselves to be open to that, we will see signs that we need to see.” [42:05]
  • “If we can just show some compassion and understanding, that would go so much farther.” [45:06]
  • “Give yourself care and compassion.” [47:55]


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