Mission: I am … a guide that leads you
to release your fears and
Scale Your BadAss Grand Life

Every day we are writing our Life Story. Every new experience, new relationship, new moment in life become words within our Personal Novel. These words become paragraphs – the paragraphs become chapters. Some people choose to share the chapters in their lives with others … and some people don’t.

I truly believe that this is the year of StoryTelling.

This is the year when both women and men will choose to stand up and share their Life Story with one another. I believe that in the pursuit of sharing, we are guiding and helping each other.

In sharing, we are telling others, “I have been there. You are not alone.”

In sharing, we are telling others, “It’s ok to cry. To laugh. To scream. To forgive.”

In sharing, we are healing others … and ourselves.

One of my favorite quotes: “You are only as sick as your secrets.” My hope and challenge for you in 2018 is to find the courage to share chapters of your own life – and listen to those sharing theirs.

This world needs to see that “In Differences, We Find Our Likenesses”…. contribute to the conversation and together, let’s be a #ForceOfChange.

hiking retreat in the grand canyon with Sara Schulting Kranz

Sara In The Red Heels: TIP about Hiking or Health

Buy a Compass. This has been a regular joke on the trails … one of which I will share more of in my upcoming book. Know where the sun sets (the West) and where the sun rises (the East).

Be Aware of the Direction you are Headed.

Both in Life … AND on the Trail!