Something Beautiful and Rare Happened

Two Monday’s ago, I summited Telegraph Peak in SoCal with my adventurous friend, Cocco. My intention for this hike was to slow my mind and find inspiration to write my personal development book. I had been feeling “juiceless”, stuck and a touch frustrated-not at all what I was accustomed to! So I went in search of creativity. While on the trail, I asked God and Mother Nature to send me signs over the next few weeks that would guide me on my writing journey. 

Monday was Memorial Day; Cocco and I set out for a long morning paddle on the Pacific Ocean. We were 2.82 miles offshore the Redondo Beach Harbor when I noticed something big just chilling on the surface of the water. Paddling over, we found an extremely rare, beautiful sea turtle! He hung out with us – or us with him – for quite some time! Having witnessed my fair share of nature life, this one felt different. As someone who feels extremely connected to Nature, I knew this was the sign that I had asked for while on the Telegraph Peak trail the Monday prior … and so naturally, I dove deeper into the meaning. 


Hawksbill sea turtle seen by Sara Schulting Kranz off of Redondo Beach, CA


Native American Meaning: the Sea Turtle is a sacred figure representing Mother Earth, Patience, Wisdom, Endurance, Health, Longevity and … Good Luck! 

The message I received is exactly what I needed to hear! Reminders to slow down-this book is a marathon, not a race. Lean into my patience and write from a place of wisdom.

Because I was so in awe of this experience, posting pictures on Facebook was my next step to finding the species. And wow, what I learned! This was the message I received:

Apparently it is a Hawksbill turtle (according to conservation biologists). The hawksbill is one of the most endangered sea turtle (more than both green and loggerhead), as they have been hunted due to its absolutely beautiful shell (hard to see with the water but google them). Their shells are where “tortoise shell” glasses and jewelry came from for the past couple centuries (though today, since hunting them is illegal, tortoise shell glasses are actually plastic). Really incredible.

Having this Sea Turtle cross our path was more rare than I imagined!


Hawksbill turtle off the coast of Redondo Beach, CA


My Hope for You

Take this as a learning moment for yourself. We live in a beautiful world where nature surrounds us! Set aside your phones, slow down and take advantage of what nature therapy has to offer.

When you do, amazing signs are placed in your path!

Messages are handed to you.

All that you have to do is ask … and you will receive! This was nothing more than proof.


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