Every time I watch this, I’m in awe. Perhaps it’s because I’ve lived through a tornado, many earthquakes, a monsoon, blizzards, and unreal gorgeous days. I find the force of nature absolutely exhilarating. 

This ever-changing world of ours is a mirror for us all.

2:13 secs: watch to the very end. 

Nature mirrors Life mirrors Art (Animation)

Every time I’m floating alone on my stand-up paddleboard, miles offshore on the Pacific Ocean, I know the risk of what is happening under me. 

Every time I’m in the mountains, I know the earth could shift. 

This is life. 

We shake. We explode. We shift internally. We transform and we let loose. We can’t always anticipate when any of this will happen. 

What we know, and can be hard to accept, is that change is inevitable and we are not created to stay the same.

In our life, we experience so much happiness! We encounter difficulties and traumas. One cannot be held without the other. 

This is, as I see it, a form of art. This is creation. This is living. Absolutely no one in this world doesn’t experience some sort of pain. The pandemic has proven that. 

What we have to remember is that we all experience pain differently, in different forms, and in different ways. No two humans see experience or process anything alike.

Regarding Complex-PTSD or any sort of mental, emotional, or physical health, it’s important to remember that while going through whatever we are experiencing, we are not alone. We are never alone. It’s equally important that we don’t stuff our thoughts, emotions, pain, or our truths down. Everything will manifest to the surface, in one form or another, eventually. 

We either take care of what is eating us from the inside, or what’s eating us from the inside will manifest in unhealthy ways, in the form of addiction, disease, unhealthy relationships, etc.

Nature “does its thing” and cleanses in the way intended. She releases her energy + clears what is needed in order to become her new natural state of beautiful. 

Fires are necessary for new growth + to feed the earth. Tectonic plates shift, releasing energy to change the land. Tornadoes and monsoons shift the energy in the air and skies. We need to shift energy to balance our natural state of being.

What would happen if we looked at our own painful and difficult experiences as a way to feed our own personal growth? To create our new phase of life? As a path to creation instead of devastation?

We all—every one of us—will walk through darkness. During these times, it’s important that we always, always remember that beyond the darkness there is light – waiting for us to step into it. This is our choice. So step, we shall.

If you’re hurting or in pain right now, we welcome you. 

If you’re looking for a beautiful, new way to approach your personal growth, we welcome you. 

And if you simply want an inspiring, fun, and beautiful community to be a part of, we welcome you.

I created this community to give you the opportunity to connect to yourself and to use nature as a source of healing, just like I did. Connecting to nature is a way of mirroring our life in a natural state. To energetically release + to become one with the Universe. To let loose. Grow. Laugh. Cry. Scream. And “Do and Be.”

Remember: just like it took many forces to create this earth, we, as humans are better together. Let’s heal and have fun together.

Remember, I believe in you / us .. always.

I love you.

I see you.

I hear you.

I am you.

And you are me.








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