Is it really that simple? Could nature actually be the antidote to heartbreak?

This is what Florence Williams, today’s guest, explores in her book, Heartbreak: A Personal and Scientific Journey.

Florence’s previous book, The Nature Fix, has been a huge factor in Sara’s own research and recovery journey and we get to sit down with them and listen to a great conversation about how the effects of heartbreak, grief, loneliness, and depression are scientifically proven to be combatted by spending time in nature.

Florence Williams is a journalist, author, podcaster, a contributing editor at Outside magazine, and a freelance writer for the New York Times, New York Times magazine, National Geographic, and numerous other publications. She is also the writer and host of two award winning audible original series: Breasts and the 3-day affect, as well as Outsides magazines Double X Factor podcast. Her public speaking includes keynotes at Google, the Smithsonian, the Aspen ideas festival, and many other corporate academic and non-profit venues.

Take this episode outside, as we join Florence in her vulnerability. Take your time today to experience and enjoy her words and embrace our conversation.

It’s time to listen, learn, and transform through what you hear!

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • [8:40] Heartbreak: A Personal and Scientific Journey
  • [15:52] Subject of your own experience
  • [20:03] Moving out of heartbreak
  • [24:07] Experimenting out of heartbreak
  • [31:26] Finding the beauty
  • [40:48] An awakening
  • [49:25] The process to today


  • “You can be alone and feel incredibly safe and secure” [18:06]
  • “Being able to find beauty, cultivate beauty, experience awe…. the secret sauce of resilience ” [27:08]
  • “Healing is not linear” [46:12]

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