“The first step to making any dream come true is recognizing your own worthiness of receiving it.” – Sara Schulting Kranz 

Take a moment to absorb those words. Let them sink in.

For many years, my dreams remained elusive because I hadn’t fully embraced my own worthiness.

There were instances when I doubted my aspirations, relinquished my power, or pardoned myself for not achieving what was entirely possible.

It had nothing to do with my capability .. But it had everything to do with my readiness to accept.

We embark on a journey of self-discovery to break free from stagnation and embrace our dreams. We seek to understand ourselves, live our purpose, and bring about change — no matter how significant or modest — in the world around us. We strive to find joy, peace, love, serenity, happiness, and freedom.

(Re)Discovering your Self-Worth, blog article written by Sara Schulting Kranz

During my personal transformation, I’ve clung to three crucial words that have empowered me to embrace self-worth. I hold these words close to my heart for all of you who are eager to receive them.

Are you ready? Grab a piece of paper and write these down. Stick them around your home, in your car, or better yet, make them your phone’s screensaver.

Here we go!


Always honor the truth—be honest with yourself and others. When engaging in conversations, let truth be your only currency. Accept nothing less than honesty. Truth paves the path to authenticity.


Strive to live a life that fills you with inspiration, even if just for a moment each day. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being inspired to live fully. Nature, with its small and grand wonders, inspires me. From butterflies to whales, nature is where my creativity flourishes, and where I truly understand how deserving I am of receiving.


Ah, hope! I didn’t realize the significance of hope until I had only a glimmer of it left. Nourishing that tiny spark of hope is what brought me to where I stand today. With hope, dreams can indeed come true.

Self-worth is a precious treasure that resides within us all. My hope for each of you, starting from this very moment, is to recognize your worthiness in life—to embrace all of your dreams!

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