It’s tough responding to triggering questions after trauma. People are naturally curious and not always tactful or sensitive, asking questions in the aftermath.

“How Did You Not Know?”: Responding to Prying, Triggering Questions After Trauma

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This week’s episode comes straight from my own personal experience. 

Often when you’ve walked through trauma, people are curious and, frankly, not always tactful or sensitive when it comes to questions they ask.

When other people want to really dive in and find the details, it can sometimes be very painful on this side when you’ve been victimized, and it can bring up an awful lot of stuff for us.

Your words matter. Our words matter. So look at each other with how we would wanna be treated in this situation ..

What questions would we want to be asked or not asked? 

This is good. I’m just gonna state it, like, this is good. Go grab your journals. 

Let’s go!


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