I recently wrote a guest blog for a site called Ms. Career Girl. I love what the site is about:

“a community of women for women, who shares with each other valuable information to help every aspiring power woman climb her way to the top with style, grace, and a smile on her face.”

Cool right?

So it was a great opportunity to share something I truly believe in – the power of nature to heal.

Here’s how the article starts

It’s common practice to seek answers from a doctor when our body, mind or spirit isn’t feeling well. Yet what if solutions to our ailments aren’t found behind four walls, but when sitting on green grass, putting our feet in water or walking in a forest of trees?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American spends 87% of their life indoors and another 6% in automobiles. Only 7% of our entire life is spent outdoors! And yet, recent studies published in  Environmental Science and Technology found that getting outside for as little as five minutes per day improves both mood and self-esteem!

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