Dear Friend,

So many of you have been asking … “What program are you launching next, Sara?” Well, here it is! The first of many in the coming six months, this one is near + dear to my heart.

And this is why.

We’ve all been through life-changing experiences that have left us wondering “now what?” Perhaps you’ve been left questioning who you are, have found yourself skeptical of happiness, or simply doubting your ability to feel alive like you once did!

Oh yes, that has been me!

The greatest life-altering experience that knocked me to my knees was divorce.  I never set out to be a single mom or a woman without a partner. Making meals solo and paying bills alone was not familiar. My vision was to be old with the man I loved, intimately holding hands while running fingers through our grey hairs. Never did I expect this!

And yet here I am today, THANKFUL for what was once my dream … and creating a new life from all that I learned!

Now in my 40’s, I guide others through their shifts in life. And I am honored to be partnering with another woman doing the same. Together with Empowerment + Relationship Coach, Asia Dawn, we created a powerful program designed specifically for women going through or having experienced divorce!  If this is YOU, continue on! If it’s not, please forward to a friend and change their life.

Sara Schulting-Kranz  Asia Dawn

Are you ready to let go of what no longer serves you? To live life on your terms, with choice, and not in fear? Are you looking for a group of women to support you in your goals, aspirations + dreams in life?

Asia + I are here to help you bridge that gap from what was to what’s possible – so you can create a life of your wildest dreams, no matter your age + no matter when you got divorced! We’ve both been there. And today, our lives are filled with choice, joy, and we are both happier than ever! We want the same for all of you.

JOIN 15 Women on an Empowering THREE MONTH JOURNEY of Exploration, Adventure, Healing + Growth!

Sara Schulting-Kranz Leading Rise Up Women's Divorce Retreat

Learn from those who have walked in your shoes + allow experts to guide you through this process of transformation. This is a supportive network and collective group of women like none other!

We BEGIN OUR RISE October 11-14, 2019 at a weekend retreat located at the base of Mt. Baldy (otherwise known as Mt. San Antonio) in the San Gabriel Mountains in California.

Here you will:

  • Stay in beautiful cabins at Mt. Baldy Lodge with women who will become your Soul Sisters.
  • Step out of your Comfort Zone (whoot!) + Experience Canyoneering with expert guides! Together (yes, together!) we will rappel down 5-pitches of beautiful waterfalls located in the mountainside.
  • Feel one with Nature while hiking + meditating on trails located in the mountains. Did you know that Nature Therapy reduces PTSD by 29% … and just 5 minutes a day slows your mind, shifts your brain + allows clarity to enter? Just IMAGINE what the trails will do for you!
  • AND one of my Favorites: you will be led through a breath work experience by Jenna Reiss, my go-to instructor for releasing trauma from the body. Jenna has co-led with me on a Grand Canyon Retreat in the past.
  • RETREAT INCLUDES: accommodations in shared cabins, all meals, waterfall rappelling, hiking, expert guides, group coaching, breath work, meditation, and special guest instructors. (Transportation to the retreat is not included. The closest airport is LAX.)
  • WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK! Yes, we will have 1-group coaching call before the retreat to prepare you for this life-changing adventure!

San Antonio Falls

And of course, we will CONTINUE OUR RISE with Three Months of Group Coaching post retreat!

This includes:

  • SIX ONLINE GROUP CALLS where we deep-dive into YOU, continue finding your purpose, learn about boundary setting, emotional abuse recovery, narcissism, dating, self-care, self-love … the list goes on + on!
  • ONE Private 50-minute coaching session together with Sara and Asia (Not available anywhere else!)
  • Private Facebook group with lifetime access to a community of like-minded women and trainings!
  • Use this as an opportunity to step into 2020 and make it your best year yet

ARE YOU READY to experience the most precious relationship one can have…the one you have with yourself?


If you are ready to say YES to reserve your spot, click here for the application!


Put yourself first + live your most beautiful life!

So much love,


Sara + Asia Dawn

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