“On the other side of discomfort lies empowerment, inspiration + and the knowledge that you are a WARRIOR outside of your comfort zone!”

Today I head back to the Grand Canyon … my spiritual + sacred space! If I haven’t said it 1,000 x’s, I love this work! I love watching the wonder + awe in clients’ eyes. I sense their anxiety, excitement + how their mind slows the further we hike into the canyon.

I love hearing their laughter, tears + seeing them connect with their Inner Warrior … being awakened to their Greatest Desires, Adventure + Passion!

Are you ready for the same? To connect with your Inner Warrior? 

I’ve put together my EIGHT STEPS to do just that!

Read + journal your thoughts. If you would like to share what comes up for you, please reach out to me via Instagram or Facebook! I love hearing from you guys. And better yet, feel free to share on your own pages + tag me in your posts! Because when we talk about our experiences, we give others the opportunity to watch + learn. It’s the “ripple effect of change” that I speak so often about. Together, let’s create community + connection! 

Here we go ….

1. Reconnect with Nature.

Turn off your cell phone. Put down technology. Going into the roots of the wilderness will help strengthen the roots of your heart and Root Chakra.

2. What are you willing to fight and defend for? Who?

You have a Warrior Heart. What or Who do you believe in so deeply that you will fight and defend to the depths of the Earth?

3. Surround yourself with other Warriors. Call on Warriors.

This can be difficult. Your friends, family and inner circle may shift as you grow stronger. We look for those who will defend and fight for what we believe in. Stay open to those who see you and your purpose – and want to stand beside you.

4. Conquer your fears.

LIVING happens when you face what scares you most. Go out and do what makes you most scared. Conquer what holds you back. Doing it once builds your ability to do it again … and again … and again. Soon, you don’t think twice about living boldly as a Warrior – also in your Life Purpose.

5. Embrace the callings of your heart.

Plain and simple: pursue the desires of your heart – your Life Purpose. Feed your heart.

6. Work on YOU.

Do the work! And do it for at least 20 minutes every day! Take a walk. Sit in nature. Write. Read a new piece of poetry. Go to yoga, swim, walk the beach and connect with your body, heart and soul.

7. Love Deeply and Openly.

Without love, darkness prevails. “The deepest and most important relationship you can have in this life – is with yourself.” Love yourself so deeply that you will never forsake your truth, integrity and commitment to who you are.

8. Be Adventurous.

We are called to live deeply, openly and to take healthy risk! Take on new adventures. Be brave and bold! Live outside of your Comfort Zone and in alignment with your Purpose!

Print out these steps + post them for easy reading. If it’s on the refrigerator, taped to your mirror or placed on the inside of your calendar. Having daily reminders helps shift your mind + step into belief!

Because we all deserve to lead an Adventurous life.

And to reawaken our Inner Warrior along the way!



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